The RNC Wants YOU to Help Pick the Next President

and send money!

In case you haven’t gotten one in the mail yet, be on the lookout for a “survey” from RNC asking for your presidential preference. Oh, you’ll recognize all the names in the poll. Some are in office, some out. Some are Governors others are former something-or-others.  Perry, Cruz, Rand Paul, Ron Paul, Jindel, Palin, Rubio, Gingrich, Cain, Christie, Barbour, Portman, Ryan, West…and on and on.  There’s enough shiny names so whichever wing of the party you’re in someone is sure to catch your eye. You could pick out four or five names you like. In fact you probably will since you’re asked to rate all of them from strongly favorable to strongly unfavorable. I was surprised Reagan and Heston didn’t make the list.

Here’s where it’s a waste of time. Be honest with yourself. They have no interest in pushing Cain, Ron Paul, Santorum, Cruz or a few others on this list.  In some cases the people have no intention of running.  Not sure why the RNC does this stuff.  We tell them on a regular basis about how we would like them to vote on specific bills.  Explaining how they should not cave on the debt limit.  That certainly went well.  Or vote no when it comes to amnesty. Yet they are still attempting to make up words or phrases which mean amnesty so they can slip them in a bill when we’re not paying attention.  The RNC is the GOP.  It is the establishment.  And it doesn’t listen to us when it comes to policy, so why should we believe it cares about who we will vote for as president.  Why ask our opinion on a presidential poll if they have no intention of supporting the candidate or know the person isn’t even planning to run?  Maybe because they’re asking for $12 bucks to ” help process”  the poll. If you’ve got the bucks put it toward your favorite candidate or Pac in THIS year’s elections. As Horowitz points out in his fp article, the senate needs more conservatives now.  The House needs more conservatives now.  With or without a sympathetic president,  power does lie with a strong congress.

BTW, and this is cute, the entire list can be found at gop.com (link below).  Whereas my mailer had all kinds of verbiage like “confidential” and “mail within” a certain number of days, and “official republican party document”,  anyone can check it out and pick their favorites from the site.  It’s the exact list as it appears in the mailer, but here you’re asked to pick your top three. Not sure if you have to pay to have it processed, I didn’t get into it, but they definitely want your contact info.  It would take a computer genius to plot the charts and extrapolate the numerous ways this poll could be skewed. Its a LIV  or newbie trap if ever there was one.

Most of us know enough not to play this game but the mom and pop who never got actively involved in politics before may not.  Or the new members at your neighborhood TeaParty mtg. The survey that came to my house wasn’t even for me. It was for hubby, who was a blue dog dem until Bill Clinton’s second term.  Luckily he handed it to me to fill out and I showed him how this was a silly “survey”.  Pass the word, there are other ways to give your opinion without having to cough up money or info to the ‘leaders’ in a party which has all but abandon you.



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