The Florida “bellwether” Election (edit: Jolly Wins.

I’m not saying its a bellwether mind you, but that’s the word whispered on the web for this Dist 13 Representative seat.  I would argue it’s not a bellwether. It’s an off-year and it’s Florida for crying out loud!  The three names to watch for  David Jolly (R),  Alex Sink (Dem)  and Lucus Overby (Libertarian).

Its suppose to be slam dunk for the Dem. But everyone hates Obamacare, so that should be enough to sink Sink, right?Some polls had Sink and Jolly real close, meaning the libertarian Overby could pull from the R and give the Ds a win.  But that was before everyone’s favorite libertarian, Rand Paul, lent his voice to phone calls in favor of Jolly.

Soap operas may have fallen out of favor but the desire for a good cliffhanger never goes away.   Here’s the Florida SOS site which will have numbers periodically.


Ok. Skip that…BELLWETHER…BELLWETHER. NBC is calling it.  Saw this on h/a



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