What am I missing on Voter Registration and other election laws?

Someone please logically explain to me how voting laws are partisan.  Because honestly I’m just not seeing it.  An article in the New York Times titled ” New GOP Bid to Limit Voting in Swing States” essentially attempts to make an argument that voting regs somehow undercut a Democrat’s right to vote. The article focuses on several areas:  a) reduction in early voting days; b) ID voter laws;  c) restrictions on provisional or absentee ballots.

The reason my eyes and mind do not view this as partisan is because WHATEVER regulation is enacted, it will impact ALL alike. If early voting is changed from four weeks to two, every voter is allotted just two weeks. Not just Democrats.  Republican weeks have the same number of days. I swear they do.

The matter of voter ID laws again takes into account ALL voters. Arguments suggesting blacks can’t afford a photo ID doesn’t take into account the fact not all white are affluent or have picture IDs. Its an inconvenience at worst and keeps six people from using your name to vote with.

Absentee ballots are given when one is unable to make it to the home state voting booth or physically can’t make it to the polls . Just as there are Democrats who are not in their home state at election time, there are also Republicans.  They are off in the military or college or whatever, but in this age of mobility people go mobile. They move. And, injury is not just relegated to Democrats, Republicans can become ill and frail as well.

One law which was taken away from one state involved registering high school students. This may come as a shock but  Republicans have been known to be found in high schools, too.  That means from here on out both Ds and Rs in North Carolina miss out on the chance to sign up the next generation at that particular location.

H/T to Hot Air for alerting me to the absurdity found in the  NYT this morning.


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