Forget picking a candidate. Let’s argue some of the issues.

There’s been several diaries written on who you feel the GOP presidential candidate should be, mostly falling in line with the NRC’s list. But since the election is so far out and we don’t know (cough) who the establishment has picked out for us this year, perhaps we can pick our issues and determine how we fit when they do unveil their choice for us.  So here’s some issues which many here hold near and dear and some possible answers, although you have plenty of room for your personal caveats.  And, of course, some of these might not even be a major issue for you right now and you could care less.

1) Obamacare –  A) repeal all and let insurance markets sort it out  B) repeal all of it and replace all  C) repeal parts and replace with other parts

2) Illegal Immigration –  A) no amnesty for anyone/get in the line already created  B) amnesty for dreamers only C) no amnesty but more        work/school visas ok  D) no talk of amnesty until the border is quantifiably secure E) fix borders and enforce current laws

3) Abortion – A) its a state issue B) 20 week ban is good C) will fight to make all abortions illegal D) will ok for rape/incest/mother’s life only

4) Marijuana – A) not ok under any circumstances for the country  B) I’m ok for medicinal use but not for recreational in the country  C) Its a state issue and the feds should leave it alone

5) Term Limits -A) limit the terms for Senate and House, but leave SC judges for life. B) all 3 branches should be term limited C) leave everything as is

6) Debt/Deficit reduction – A) all entitlement programs including social security and medicare should be cut to trim the debt beastie B) cut everything but SS and Mcare because we pay directly into those C) cut out fat from other areas and only pay for what the constitution says we need D) the debt is too high so we need to raise some taxes E) we’ll never pay this off so its time to learn to speak mandarin

7) Gun rights – A) there should be no restrictions on magazines, type of weapon or where on a person or in which building it is carried  B) there should be some restrictions on the type and there should be background checks C) The second amendment guarantees my rights, any restrictions should be left up to the states

There are so many other areas which could be highlighted, such as defense, foreign aid, same sex marriage, etc.,  But this should get us started for a good and rowdy Wednesday. Feel free to add your favorite issues if they’re not up above.  Again, there are so many nuances to each issue so your answer may not even be among the choices, but have fun playing with the pencils on the desk anyway.




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