Sunlight May Have Finally Reached Mississippi

evidence includes "dozens" of affidavits

Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants. And it may very well be that Mississippi is finally getting some to shine on the recent GOP Senate runoff race.

True The Vote has been doing yeoman’s work to bring attention and evidence to light concerning possible voter fraud coming from the Magnolia state. Yesterday the voter’s rights organization filed a temporary restraining order against the Mississippi GOP to “…prevent further tampering, redaction, or destruction of voter records by Defendants or their agents.”

In a press release put up on their site, the organization says it has “dozens of full detailed affidavit reports” it will turn over to the court which will  show:


Destruction of  voters’ absentee ballot applications and mandatory envelopes; 

Illegal alteration of poll books;

Cross-over and double voting;

Absentee ballots marked “Accepted” but unopened.


And even though the organization still hasn’t been able to see all the documents requested, it does note in the release headline that the issues are found ‘statewide’.

A copy of their release with a link to the motion for the TRO can be found at   http://www.truethevote.org/node/436

Chris McDaniel may or may not win against Thad Cochran if another election were to be held today, but  establishment Republicans have no bragging rights after that last election.  And the Mississippi GOP only looks foolish by hampering a closer inspection of the voting records.



h/t: The Blaze

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