Where Is The So Called Compassion From Other Countries?

Open YOUR Borders, Whydontcha?

If there’s one thing this border crisis has taught some people its that you can have too much of a good thing.  In this case immigration. Immigration is a good thing. It is what this country was built on. At first everyone could come.  And, over time, to keep track of everyone we developed laws.

Obviously, no one is paying attention to those laws, which is how we got into this mess to begin with. Anyone who attempts to separate what’s going on at the border with the illegal immigration problem we had three years, five years or ten years ago is not paying attention to all the nuances. DACA was a memo signed by President Obama 2 years ago which held off deporting children and adults who came to the U.S. before they were 16 but had not yet turned 31. But we had an overabundance of illegal aliens before then, and DACA was someone’s idea of how to make them, if not legal, at least overlooked. And while the current wave of illegal aliens does not qualify for recognition under DACA, desperate people will do desperate things.

There are those who want us to classify this current large group as refugees. It is unclear at what date an illegal alien could be considered a refugee. Just those entering this month. Or This year?   The United Nations is a loud voice in calling for them to be be given refugee status. And that brings me to the heart of the matter…if we call them refugees other countries need to step up and take some of them. Bring them to their countries to house, feed and educate them. Make them healthy and give them free stuff.

Come on Switzerland, send a couple of planes and take ten thousand of them back home with you. Russia, China, you’ve got plenty of land and lots of people with resources who would love to help.  Where is your compassion?  Hey, Monaco and Japan, I get that you guys don’t have the land mass but if you could just take a few thousand each, that would help. The only caveat, you  can’t pick and choose. You have to just grab a bunch and its the luck of the draw. Much like we’re forced into. There is no distinguishing between gang members and infants. Angola, Greenland, Australia get in line. Remember they have come here to get away from illegal things taking place in their countries, like rape, murder, drug smuggling. So, to get away from the illegal events down there they enter here illegally.  But there is the argument that if they are refugees they are not doing anything illegal. And that’s where the rest of the world can chip in and help. Vatican City, you are a hundred acres, surely you could handle fifty or so.

Who knows, maybe once the people in Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras understand their children, wives and husbands won’t be in a country just up the coast but rather halfway around the world, perhaps they will reconsider the journey.



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