Bacon! Bacon! Tasty Bacon!

Doing an excellent job of offending the sensibilities of several groups

If you’re wondering what to have for lunch or dinner tonight may I suggest a BLT or a bacon cheeseburger and do it with pride and in protest.  Remember the huge lines outside Chick Fil-A regarding a political disagreement?  It’d be nice to have those same lines at the pork counter of the grocery store.

Here’s your reason:

A sign advertising bacon at the Sneakers Bistro in Vermont was taken down when a Muslim resident complained about it on the internet. She was, you see, offended.  Being Muslim, she doesn’t eat pork.  I’m sure there are vegetarians who don’t eat pork, but that doesn’t mean the entire business community has to stop what they’re doing in the advertising department so as not to offend someone’s sensibilities.   There are a lot of things I don’t eat but I don’t kick up a fuss and demand the business owner to stop advertising it.

The television station, WPTZ, spoke with the owners of the restaurant who said “they’ve reached out to the individual who made the post and proactively took the sign down. They also say they regret any harm caused by the sign, and that their goal was never to cause stress or bad feelings.” (Emphasis mine because it caused me stress)

Harm?  Seriously?  Was the Muslim woman harmed in any way by looking at the sign?  Does she read newspapers where a grocery store ad might have pork on sale?  Stress? Honestly?  How much stress can a sign advertising a product give you?  Ok, maybe Streiff’s ‘Inverted Pork Rectums’ on that article that one day might have caused a little queasiness but no harm came to any of us, only to the pigs.

I’m more stressed out about the fact that I don’t know who is more to blame for this mess. That woman who can’t let pork eaters live in peace  or the Bistro owners who felt compelled to take down the sign.

This woman is going to be a sniveling wreck before the decade is over.  Bacon is in just about everything.   http://www.bakonvodka.com/

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