Republican Senator Calls for A National Convention – Time to Bust the Gridlock

This, could be fun


Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn (R)  is retiring in a few months but he’s not backing out of politics. He’s going for the brass ring. According to info up at The Hill, he will push to change the Constitution, or at least a part of , to pull back some of the power that’s been heaped on the executive branch of government and return it to Congress.

“I think we ought to have a balanced budget amendment, I think we ought to have term limits. I think we ought to put a chokehold on regulation and re-establish the powers of the Congress,” he said.

What conservative wouldn’t love all that stuff?  So why a national convention instead of a Constitutional convention? A Constitutional convention would alter almost all of the Constitution. But if the states call for convention, your just doing a little bit of change. It would be allowed because of Article V.   Article V allows that 2/3  of the states may call a convention to put forth amendments to that little piece of paper we hold most dear.

Patrick Henry College chancellor Michael Farris is helping Sen. Coburn and laid out the timetable.  “Farris said his goal is for 20 more state legislatures to adopt the proposal in 2015 and the remaining dozen or so to endorse it in 2016. He wants to hold the convention in 2016 before the presidential election.”

Make no mistake, this is not a shiny object. This is a way to get something done and since  the timeframe is before Obama is out that’s a lot of work in a little time. The devil is in the details so  we will have to wait on exact verbage on some of these things. But things are looking good as some states have already signaled a willingness on a couple of changes by passing proposals.

The link to the Hill story is down below. Conservatives may be called on to help sway their state lawmakers on this. While many here listen to Levin and/or Limbaugh you know they are on board with this so expect a lot more talk in the next couple months.  But for those who don’t follow them just know this is coming down the pike and here’s an opportunity to get educated about it.  So, if you are ever asked to talk to your state lawmaker, at a town hall gathering or on the phone, you’ll have facts in hand.



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