Who Wins in the Jindal-Cruz Cage Match?

Ok, cage match might not be fair. That would imply something along the lines of a Trump-Christie slugfest. And Cruz really, really doesn’t like cage matches.  No, this might not get that bad, but Gov. Bobby Jindal has challenged Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 100% to a debate.

Jindal said he wants the debate next week, in Milwaukee. Both will actually be in Wisconsin Tuesday for the economic debate on Fox Business.  But, Cruz will be at one “table” and Jindal at the other and on the air at different times. So it’s not like they can just yell at each other across the room.

Did Jindal have specific plans as t whether they would debate before or after the Fox debate? And where? The next day in the parking lot of an IHOP?

Forget the specifics. Jindal wants to take on Cruz regarding what the Senator has planned for replacing Obamacare and questions why government had to be shutdown slowed down.  Jindal notes he’s got a plan and campaigned on the merits of the plan.

This could be Jindal’s way of making some noise ahead of Iowa and taking on arguably the best debater in the pack will get him noticed.  Plus if he does well he might bring in a few donations. At this point what has he got to lose?

So far, no word from the Cruz corner.


* Is this going to be a trend? Will we see individual candidates going one on one with other candidates over the next few months over serious issues while merely playing with the moderators during the regularly scheduled RNC sanctioned debates?  There are worse ways to winnow down a field.



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