UAW to own up to 39 percent of GM

    I just strolled outside and picked up my edition of todays WJS and read this headline: “GM Offers US a Majority Stake: Bondholders Rebel at proposal; UAW would wind up with 39% Ownership” According to this link, a deal for ownership has been struck with the UAW regarding Chrysler as well To anyone who listens to Rush, you know he called this.  He has been saying | Read More »

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    Breaking…Americans over power somali pirates…comments welcome

    Just saw on fox news that the crew of the ship taken over by pirates has freed themselves.  Apparently the crew fought the pirates are regained control of the ship.  The owner of the ship is going to have a press conference soon.  No need for obama to do anything good ole American ballsyness solves the problem.  WAY TO GO GUYS!!

    Artificial intelligence to debunk AGW?

    I was reading news like I tend to do and found this story.  It is a NY times piece about a computer with artificial intelligence.  It’s pretty neat; it can create a hypothesis, test it, and replicate the results.  This is a big step forward. According to the story this computer can do the following: Using artificial intelligence, it came up with a hypothesis about | Read More »

    The Conservative Environmentalist

    Much fanfare was made by loony lefties over the weekend about the Earth Hour or whatever the hell they called the attempted manmade blackout. Other noise was being made on the right, and it was just as ridiculous.  Rush Limbaugh is the perfect example of this.  In response to the earth hour event, Rush encouraged people to turn on ALL of their lights inside and out.  This would serve | Read More »

    Going Galt

    In this new age of Obama the words of Atlas Shrugged seem a little too accurate for comfort.  People could always make the argument that the government had too many regulations, was strangling business, and hampering the overall good of society as a result.  But there weren’t people who were “going Galt.” That is, the men of the mind never retreated never ran away.  They | Read More »

    Liberals love science….sometimes

    How is the government not a gang?

    I know I am not the first and I am sure I will not be the last person to compare our government to the Mafia.  The fact is the government offers us “protection” in the form of creating a comfortable society for us to live in.  Roads are maintained, airports are set up and maintained, public schools, health care, the military keeps us safe, and | Read More »