A Missouri that is saying No

    I follow the Missouri Senate election through the eyes of St. Louis rural area.  All major media, including its single major newspaper, are located from downtown St. Louis.  The further west or south you venture from the city, the further right the electorate becomes.  While downtown is a single-party system, the county is roughly 50/50.  The ‘burbs, the hills, the Ozarks become heavily conservative.  I | Read More »

    The America That Can So No

    The America Than Can Say No In taking a title from a Japanese essay, we are seeing first hand the power of “no”.  It is the most simple, raw, and unavoidable tactic of passive resistance.  In a short 18-months, our nation is experiencing an overreaching government waging a revolution against us by means of taxes, regulations, and promises to recreate our nation, rewrite our history, | Read More »