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Freedom fries was the most idiotic example of 'Murica I'd ever heard in my 27 years walking this Earth.


    I’m Not A Fan of Free Flowing Money In Politics

    Perhaps I’m being a bit facetious but on a serious note I’m not a big fan of free flowing money in politics. I’m not naive when it comes to the American political class and the system in place that not only condones the huge spin cycle process of moneyed interests in Washington but the system celebrates the idea that essentially politicians can be bought by | Read More »

    A Young Black Male With An ID Card, Who Voted Without Disruption In 2012

    (Promoted from the diaries) In 2012 I voted at the Hazelwood City Hall in Hazelwood, Missouri. I voted for Mitt Romney and it was a painless, stress free process. I had a picture id in my black Timberland wallet. As a matter of fact, I had my picture id, my social security card, and my First Community Credit Union debit card all in the same | Read More »

    Ban Bossy, But Apparently Other B Words Are Okay

    There are some pretty powerful women out there that want to ban the word “bossy” as it pertains to women and girls who have a take charge attitude. To these women in power, the word is yet another sexist attack on the female species; darn it they aren’t going to take it anymore that’s for sure. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg started the “Ban Bossy” campaign | Read More »

    But Do We Have the Right To Object?

    We often hear about the plight of homosexuals in America. For the movement as a whole, they have every corner of the culture in solidarity with their agenda, which is to breakdown the social norms of tradition and recast it in their image; one where constant victim hood and sexual deviance is celebrated and protected, and those who are against such things are vilified and | Read More »

    Barack and Michelle Obama: The Most Caring Uncaring People You Know

    We’re so blessed to have a president and First Lady who care about us so much. So much so they do such caring and thoughtful things like creating a government healthcare system that doesn’t work and a website for that government run healthcare system that crashes. Not to mention the First Lady’s government centered push to force I mean encourage schools to offer more healthy | Read More »

    Ted Nugent, Not Greg Abbott Was In The Wrong

    But….Rick Perry made a valid point often, well not often but constantly dismissed and avoided by the media: Does the Democrat Party ever distance themselves from the Hollywood and music industry voices giving support to their candidates? Does President Obama endorse the violent, sexist, and evil lyrics of his many supporters and donors within the hip hop community? What’s worse, calling the president a communist | Read More »

    So Now We’re Supposed To Kiss Chris Christie’s Butt?

    It’s interesting the reaction of the establishment whenever one of their guys or gals pull in a victory. No one is trying to explain away Chris Christie’s one sided shellacking of Democrat challenger Barbara Buono as some insignificant thing. Let’s be honest, Christie beat Buono’s a** to sleep. Christie’s win over Buono makes Floyd Mayweather’s recent victories look like close split decisions. Even those who | Read More »

    When Arrogance Rules A Nation: Betrayal

    The Tea Party aren’t without their flaws, make no mistake about that. They botched the showdown with President Obama and were directly responsible for a government shutdown that didn’t have to happen. I’ve never considered myself an official member of the Tea Party but I’ve always thought of myself as someone who is sympathetic to their agenda and I have usually backed Tea Party candidates; | Read More »

    Utah Has Got It All Wrong About Mike Lee

    Mike Lee is an undeserving victim of the government shut down backlash. His poll numbers in Utah right now aren’t the type of numbers you want to brag about if you’re the talented young conservative Senator. In fact, Lee will likely face a storm when he runs for reelection in three years. There are powerful players out in the beehive state who want to give | Read More »

    The President Lied About Your Health Insurance, Among Other Things

    Did President Obama lie when he consistently said Americans who already have health insurance can keep their plans despite the implementation of the ACA? Did the president lie when he, like a broken record said his health care law wouldn’t raise premiums or harm one hair on the chinny chin chin of those who had private health insurance before this whole debacle took shape? Remember, | Read More »

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