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Freedom fries was the most idiotic example of 'Murica I'd ever heard in my 27 years walking this Earth.


    The Mass Parade

    At which is the case, one must conclude a dictatorship, perhaps a form of idolatry has been created by a horde, 700,000 strong who came to see the man who for the past four years authored their eventual demise and slow erosion into mediocrity and depression. Those who voted for Mr. Obama, despite the lash, have fallen in love with their slave master. Am I | Read More »

    A Christian’s View on Guns

    Many here know me for my wit, my boy like charm, my awesomeness, and my Christianity and faith in Jesus Christ. But I’ve also shared some of my views on the 2nd Amendment in relation to the tragic string of mass shootings that have taken place in this country. Perhaps my emotional strings were pulled of sorts, a few hours after the full details were | Read More »

    Colin Powell’s Use of Revisionist History Officially Makes Him A Liberal Democrat

    It’s not just his freewheeling use of revisionist history, but also the fact that he supported a liberal Democrat for president twice. Despite a poor record, policies and a world view Powell for so many years as a Republican presumably disagreed with. General Powell was never a rigid right winger but he was no bleeding heart liberal that’s for certain. One could only conclude his | Read More »

    Joe Scarborough Challenges Ted Cruz, In Which Cruz Replies: “Hey I Remember You, You Were Big in the 90s, Whatever Happened to You?”

    Big bad big head Joe Scarborough flexing those Starbucks muscles of his challenging Ted Cruz to come on his MSNBC show and explain his belief that a ban on assault weapons was unconstitutional. Now, of course Ted Cruz is right but that didn’t stop that ego-maniacal, huge head, big nose, glasses wearing, horrible musician wannabe, turncoat, Mika lovin on the side (know what I’m sayin chief? | Read More »

    Ron Fournier Is Right, President Obama Is Aloof

    An article by Ron Fournier called “The Perils of Being Aloof” has quickly been labeled a coded, subliminal, dog whistle, smoke signal for racism when played backwards like a record and read in a mirror. Liberals have taken the word “aloof” and determined just like that, that it means uppity. So aloof joins peanut butter, Chicago, apartment, arrogant, unpatriotic, ego, Kenya, Muslim, European, socialism, socialist, | Read More »

    Dear Mark Kelly and Gabby Giffords

    I’m not trying to be mean and no I don’t have a cold heart but I’m getting a wee bit tired of Mark Kelly and former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords. Look, I know she has gone through a great deal since the Tucson shooting, to say I know what it’s like to be involved in such a tragic event would be a lie. But I also | Read More »

    We’ll Leave the Light On For Ya

    Disclaimer: TomJeffersonsGhost is by no means advocating the rape of innocent young women nor the molestation of young males. Merely in proving a point such examples were used. Reader discretion is advised One of the more annoying stories so far in 2013 has been this idiotic little school yard game by the Journal News where they’ve taken it upon themselves to publish this interactive map | Read More »

    Decision 2013: Misery or Liberty

    “We must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt. We must make our election between economy and liberty or profusion and servitude. if we run into such debt, as that we must be taxed in our meat and in our drink, in our necessaries and our comforts,  in our labors and our amusements, for our calling and our creed… we will have no | Read More »

    I Blame Todd Akin, Richard Murdock, and The Other People Under the Stairs

    I blame Todd Akin for what resulted in a tax increase on a large majority of Americans as the Senate remains firm in the dusty grip of America’s favorite sociopath and desert land dealer Harry Reid. Candidates like Todd Akin and sadly Richard Murdock were put in a situation in which, by their own doing were “lose-lose”. First Mr. Akin did something you’re never ever | Read More »

    Players of the Game

    I’ve been pretty oblivious to the politics daily of what’s going on in the nation’s capital. So I here, it’s pretty miffed up. So after all this, we’re getting a 41:1 ratio of tax hikes to spending cuts. I don’t know when these cuts will actually happen, perhaps the usual ten years from now, maybe ten thousand years from now. But one thing I do | Read More »