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Freedom fries was the most idiotic example of 'Murica I'd ever heard in my 27 years walking this Earth.


    Educating Al Sharpton Who Didn’t Know America Was A Republic and Not A Democracy

    Al Sharpton is a lot of things: race hustler, false man of God, tax cheat, Lisa Raye’s ex, loud mouth, controversy chasing exploiter of grievance and overall bad dude. Al Sharpton was ordained at McDonald’s. His perm is dry as hell. One thing we cannot call Mr. Sharpton is a man of great intellect when it comes to American government and the establishment thereof. However | Read More »

    CBS Wants to Know If The Gun Industry Puts Profits Above Human Life

    –Dedicated to Mark Dice   CBS wanted to know if the evil gun industry puts their annual profits above the lives of innocent human beings. I won’t point out the obvious irony in a panel of left wingers discussing whether or not an industry puts their profits above the lives of innocent human beings but I think you get my point. The hypocrisy is mind | Read More »

    The Thing About Gun Control

    I wish it were that easy, really I do. In my ideal world as a Christian there would be no violent outbursts satisfied with the use of a gun, no gang feuds decided in a hail of bullets in a drive by, no beef between you and some guy in your neighborhood cooked with gunfire with only the pistol smoke remaining when its all said | Read More »

    Putin Dismisses American Exceptionalism

    In an op-ed rant in the New York Times, Russian president for all eternity Vladimir Putin took some time out to criticize President Obama on issues concerning Syria, chemical weapons, and he also found some time to dismiss the idea of American exceptionalism by essentially telling Americans in an American newspaper that we aren’t so exceptional and to think so is pretty misguided. What do | Read More »

    War Weary, Or Just Weary of Wars in the Middle East? Or Just Weary of the Middle East In General?

    We as a nation have been stuck in a constant state of conflict since the 1970’s in a region of the world in which one must ask: “Do those whom we sought to liberate actually want to be liberated?” What is the American end game in the Middle East? And is America war weary in general or just weary of war in that particular region | Read More »

    Maybe President Obama’s Just A Great Speaker After All

    I haven’t written anything since late July. I’ve been busy with a new job and just sort of stepping back as an observer to what is going on in the second term of President Barack Obama. And I feel like at this point we’re all just pretending, every last one of us. I feel like his supporters in the media and elsewhere are definitely pretending. | Read More »

    When Arrogance Rules A Nation: Sympathy for the Weiner

    Disclaimer:No Homo I’ve said, read, replied to, and retweeted some pretty harsh words for Anthony Weiner. I think the man is a serious creep and a born loser and I feel sorry for his wife. His wife is standing there looking like the biggest cartoon junkie fool on the planet; a real pound for pound embarrassment to say the least. But I can’t help but | Read More »

    Rolling Stone, You’re Trying Waaaay Too Hard Bro

    Rolling Stone magazine has a lot of people from all walks of the political line up in arms over the latest issue of their publication which features the surviving terrorist suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing that took place back in April. This cover of course is not only insensitive to Boston, the United States, the families of the victims, and every surviving member of | Read More »

    Chicago Hope/The Black Man Is An Endangered Species In America

    I’m on the Big Journalism website reading a story by Awr Hawkins about how the media has completely ignored the truly frightening murder spree going on in Chicago. What really struck the heart was reading the details of who was murdered, their age, and how completely random and unprovoked the murders were. For example, Mr. Hawkins points out that a five year old child was | Read More »

    The Cold Hard Truth About Black Culture

    One of the biggest and longest enduring problems that prevents the black community as a whole from truly moving forward toward real progress and improvement is the process of reflection and self awareness. Self awareness in realizing we have deep rooted issues in black America and the willingness to accept, point them out, and therefore solve these problems in a meaningful way. In terms of | Read More »

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