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Freedom fries was the most idiotic example of 'Murica I'd ever heard in my 27 years walking this Earth.


    Rep. Raul Labrador Gets It, John McCain and Lindsey Graham Do Not

    Congressman Raul Labrador of Idaho understands the political dynamic playing out in regards to immigration. Amidst a completely one sided left wing attempted barrage from host Alex Wagner and her panel on MSNBC the other day, the Republican Congressman more than held his own as loaded questions and criticism was leveled at him and his party. The dude just flat out made a lot of | Read More »

    Have Women Become More Selfish Under New Feminism?

    Is the abortion fight about freedom or selfishness? The freedom to choose or the freedom to be selfish? Is it about living a life free of government overreach or living a life free of responsibility? I suggest you ask a young liberal woman these questions and see how she answers. Is the abortion movement and the feminist movement in general one that focuses on what’s | Read More »

    President Obama and Former President George Bush Have Different Views When It Comes To Africa

    For all his failures at home and abroad as president, George Bush will be remembered as one of the most pro-Africa presidents in modern American history. In fact, his efforts in Africa in regards to poverty and Aids doesn’t get enough credit from the American media or the left for that matter. However if you ask any African about the legacy of George W. Bush | Read More »

    Senator Schumer, Illegal Immigrant Amnesty Isn’t A Civil Rights Movement, It’s A Political One

    New York Senator and long time Democrat Chuck Schumer says the House will pass the Senate’s immigration reform bill because this is one of the most important civil rights movements of our time. He said the political pressure and shifting support for all things immigration reform will eventually grease the skids for the House to get in line and pass the darn thing (my words | Read More »

    Why Do Liberals Only Support Individual Liberty and Oppose Big Government When It Comes To Doing Evil?

    Wendy Davis reminded me of something I’ve noticed when it comes to the left and how they determine the battles in which they’re willing to fight. When it comes to doing evil, immoral things progressives suddenly want to use the idea of freedom and individual liberty and often adopt the language of conservatism when as it pertains to an overreaching government. But when it comes | Read More »

    Wendy Davis’s America

    Who is this blonde, middle aged pop tart from the Lone Star state who overnight has become a manufactured symbol of the most vile movement that stands for the most backward and regressive medical procedure known to the modern world? Wendy Davis is the new blonde bombshell super star of the Democrat Party after her filibuster of a sweeping bill pushed by Texas Republicans that | Read More »

    The Melting Pot Is Boiling Over

    “America’s a nation of immigrants” is the superficial response we often hear from the supporters of open ended amnesty when it comes to immigration reform. They argue, among other things that America should be the last nation so readily focused on implementing any kind of strident measures that promote stronger immigration laws, punishment for those who break the law, and a tough set of border | Read More »

    Why Is Marco Rubio Running From The Truth Spoken By One Of His Aides?

    One of the arguments for embracing a more comprehensive approach to illegal immigration is the idea that many natural born American citizens simply will not lower themselves to apply for and or work the kinds of “low-wage” jobs that immigrants from South America have been all too willing to accept. This has been argued from both sides of this long winded and politically exploited debate | Read More »

    Where Would We Be Without the Clintons?

    What would the world look like if the Clintons never existed? Or I should say if they weren’t in politics? You know, at some point someone has to step in and say wait a minute, these people daughter Chelsea excluded from the conversation of course, Bill and Hillary Clinton are two of the most dishonest, scheming, two faced, political con artists to ever grace the | Read More »

    When Arrogance Rules A Nation: What Is Border Security?

    Why is border security so important? Well, as I stated above imagine your home in South Central Los Angeles, circa 1991. Imagine that home without a fence, without a front door, a back door, and without a viable home security system in place. Now, would you feel safe living there? Could you sleep soundly at night knowing you had no front or back door and | Read More »