Was Jim Tedisco's Finance Chairman, for New York 20th Congressional District.


    The Real Fight is between the Private Sector and the Public Sector.

    Another insightful article by the WSJ’s Dan Henninger: The Blue Dogs’ Final Dilemma American politics has arrived at a crossroads. This struggle over health-care legislation isn’t just another battle between the Democratic and Republican parties. It’s about which force is going to take the United States forward for the next generation: the public sector or the private sector. If by now you haven’t figured out | Read More »

    Cheney Lost to Bush by David Brooks

    Cheney Lost to Bush By DAVID BROOKS I always enjoy reading articles where I gain new insight. While I only agree with David Brooks 50% of the time, I always read his columns. Assuming that he has his facts right, he makes the case that there was a very serious & strong disagreement between George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. Then he goes into how | Read More »

    NY20 Campaign

    Promoted from Diaries – Soren Dayton. As Jim Tedisco’s Finance Chairman I was in close proximity to some of the decisions that were made in the NY20 campaign. I’ve known Jim for well over a decade and was very pleased when he asked me to help him raise money for his campaign. I assumed, and was correct; that it would be relatively easy to get | Read More »