Vocal Music Education Undergrad Student at Southern Nazarene University. Adopted & Raised by conservative Nazarene minster and wife. My parents spent a lifetime preaching the word of God, and also put tremendous energy into telling people the RIGHT way to live, spiritually, fiscally, and socially. Now, after my parents death, I live with a wonderful family, but they are all liberals. My parents taught me what it meant to be a conservative. I vow to continue that.


    My call to the NRSC…nothing but SPIN SPIN SPIN

    Lady: How may I help you? Me: I was just on the NRSC website and was wondering why certain Republican candidates for Senate weren’t listed. Lady: What?? I’m confused, what are you talking about? We have everyone listed there. Me: Then why isn’t Marco Rubio listed as a GOP Candidate for florida on the website? Lady: Oh, well in Florida’s case the NRSC has already | Read More »

    Today, my birthday, I celebrate not myself…

    but this year. The end of one of the most inspiring years of my life. I look unto 2010 with great anticipation and excitement. 2009 led me on a journey in which I sought to seek out and understand my politics and become passionate about them. And thats mainly due to all you fine people on here. I have learned so much from everyone on | Read More »

    “But he’s Black!”

    I came to Texas to visit my birth mom and meet my two baby sisters. She woke up this morning and came in wearing a Barack Obama shirt. At my look of disgust she said (in spanish), “Don’t tell me you don’t like Obama!?” “No. I don’t like idiots.” “But he’s Black!” Ladies and gentlemen. The reasons the disillusioned people of America thought he was | Read More »

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