What Our Antagonists Think Of Us

    I have a long-time friend who hosts an annual reunion at his summer place in New Hampshire with his six closest friends from his days at Harvard; together with their spouses and children.  The friend has evolved into a staunch constitutional conservative and an evangelical Christian active in his church.  The friends have all predictably followed the path to political leftism and secular humanism that | Read More »

    A conservative for Illinois Governor

    After that infomercial for party Mandarin Andy McKenna, read about a genuine conservative who will be running in the primary.  The following is from a local newspaper political columnist recent piece.   “JUST SAY NO TO CHICAGO” IS BRADY’S 2010 MANTRA   ANALYSIS & OPINION BY RUSS STEWART             Illinois government is undeniably corrupt.  “Pay-to-play” flourishes.  Five of the state’s last eight governors have been | Read More »

    What is really happening in the financial crisis

    Greg Easterbrook is a research fellow at the liberal Brookings Institute. He writes an irreverent NFL football colmun for ESPN which includes divergences to other topics. Here is his take on the Wall Street situation: Gasoline Plentiful, Perspective Scarce: “Financial chaos is sweeping the world,” a New York Times lead story said last week. I didn’t notice any chaos in my part of the world | Read More »