Toonces the Cat is a 20-year old grey tabby fiscal conservative, who enjoys cream, tuna, and Fox News. He lives in St. Matthews, South Carolina, with his parents who occasionally assist him with his blog: "Obama's Last Day" @ He writes about Obama, the 2012 presidential election, the federal budget and deficit, and South Carolina politics. He looks forward with great anticipation to January 20, 2013, when we get a new conservative tea-party President.


    Carly Fiorina Plays the Victim Card

    “Forget that I’m a woman,” Carly Fiorina told reporters in Iowa this week. “I’m used to being held to a higher standard.” This was a not so subtle way of reminding everyone that she is the only woman in the 17 candidate Republican field, and not at all in keeping with the way she has previously conducted her campaign. Fiorina is upset that she will | Read More »

    Bashar Assad: Our new BFF?

    There is only one disciplined, well-trained military force in the Middle East that is willing and capable of fighting and defeating ISIS.  No, it isn’t the “Free Syrian Army” (whoever that is), the Iraqui Army or the Kurds.  It is the Syrian Army of Bashar Assad, which is already engaged in fighting ISIS, with some limited success.  If we don’t want to put American boots | Read More »

    The Federal Government’s War on Black People

    It isn’t paranoia if it’s true.  And African Americans aren’t paranoid, there really is a War on Black People.  The killing of Michael Brown and the subsequent chain of events is just one, highly visible, battle in this war.  But it may, finally, lead to a convergence of Conservatives and African Americans. In the wake of this tragedy, many conservative voices are recognizing that the | Read More »

    2016: Rand Paul?

    Forget about the dozen or so potential Republican presidential candidates.  It really doesn’t matter how much you or I may like one or the other of them and think he would be the greatest President since Ronald Reagan.  After the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primaries, the rest of us will be left to choose between the 3 (or possibly 4)  candidates who are left standing.  Chances | Read More »

    Gay Marriage: Does Supreme Court Precedent Matter?

    Gay marriage activists and the liberal media are all a-twitter about the Supremes decision to hear the case on California Proposition 8, which prohibited same-sex marriage in the state of California.  They are comparing this case to Brown v Board of Education Topeka (1954), Roe v Wade (1973), and especially Loving v Virginia (1967), which struck down state laws banning interracial marriage.  What they are | Read More »

    An Open Letter to John Boehner

    Dear Mr. Speaker, I am afraid that in negotiating with President Obama on the pending fiscal cliff that you and the Republican leadership have lost your way.  In your desire to strike a “Grand Bargain”, you risk making a “bad bargain” which will cause permanent damage to the Republican Party, alienate conservatives, and have lasting consequences for the American economy.  In a desire to make | Read More »

    Butch, Sundance, and Jumping off the Fiscal Cliff

    My all-time favorite movie is Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.  At one point, Butch and Sundance are being relentlessly pursued by a posse of Pinkerton agents.  Finally, they come to the edge of a cliff overlooking a ravine with a raging river below.  The outlaws have three choices.  They can surrender, in which case they will probably be tried and hanged as bank robbers.  | Read More »

    Pennsylvania: The Holy Grail, Romney’s Insurance Policy and Axelrod’s Mustache

    In the final days before the Presidential election, the Romney campaign is making a major push in the state of Pennsylvania.  They have made a $3 million ad buy in the state, pro-Romney super pacs are spending another $8 million and surrogates, including Marco Rubio, have been sent to campaign in the state in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  Paul Ryan will be in Harrisburg Saturday.  Romney himself will make | Read More »

    New Hampshire! New Hampshire! New Hampshire!

    When the votes begin to be counted on election night, New Hampshire should be the first of the battleground states to be decided.  (I’m not counting North Carolina, which most agree is in the Romney column.)  At the end of the evening, when all of the votes are counted, New Hampshire may shrink into insignificance, but as the results come in, New Hampshire will rise | Read More »

    Orlando Sentinel endorses Romney

    The editorial board of Florida’s largest newspaper, the Orlando Sentinel, has just announced its endorsement for President.  The editorial, headlined “Our Pick for President: Romney” can be read in its entirety here .  The endorsement was certainly unexpected because the Sentinel had rousingly endorsed Obama in 2008 and usually endorses Democrats.  They endorsed John Kerry in 2004, but did endorse George W. Bush in 2000. The editorial | Read More »

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