Don’t just do something, stand there.

Memo to Congress:  Please come back from your vacation rested, relaxed and prepared to do nothing.

And Mr. President:  Now that Hurricane Irene is over and the recovery well in hand, you can go back to Martha’s Vineyard and stay there until — let’s say next January when it’s time to deliver another State of  the Union Address.  Just forget that big “Jobs” speech you’ve been working on.  The government doesn’t create jobs anyway, or haven’t you realized that yet.  Anyway, you and I both know that the Republicans aren’t going to pass a huge new government spending program between now and the election.  They’ve got you by the throat and they aren’t going to let go.  And while you’re at it, could you tell the bureaucrats to stop writing new regulations.  We’ll live with all the old ones, if they’ll just stop now.  Enough is enough.

Seriously, folks:  The only thing that Congress and the President should do between now and Nov. 2012 is pass a CR to keep the government running–preferably at a lower level of funding than the present CR–but certainly not at a higher level.  Obamanomics isn’t working and doesn’t deserve another chance.  Republicans can’t enact their agenda until they get control of the Presidency and the Senate.  So let’s all agree to do nothing for a change.  Kick back.  Relax.  Maybe take a bus ride to nowhere.

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