Toonces the Cat is a 20-year old grey tabby fiscal conservative, who enjoys cream, tuna, and Fox News. He lives in St. Matthews, South Carolina, with his parents who occasionally assist him with his blog: "Obama's Last Day" @ He writes about Obama, the 2012 presidential election, the federal budget and deficit, and South Carolina politics. He looks forward with great anticipation to January 20, 2013, when we get a new conservative tea-party President.


    Don’t look now, but North Carolina just turned Red

    A new Rasmussen poll of likely voters in North Carolina released today has Romney leading by + 6 (52% – 46%).  The RCP average of polls for North Carolina now has Romney at +5.6 (50.3% – 44.7%).   North Carolina has now firmly moved into the Romney column on the electoral college map.  For the first time, Romney now leads Obama 206 ECV to 201 ECV.  | Read More »

    Obama is going down–hard

    Sean Trende’s article, Can Obama Resist the Forces of  Gravity?, on RCP is worth the read.  He succinctly explains the Obama campaign strategy.  Expect O’s campaign to launch a new low-ball, vicious, gutter “surprise” attack on the eve of the VP debate or by Biden himself during the debate.  But this time, the voters aren’t buying the bullsh** they’re selling.  If Trende is right, and | Read More »

    269 to 269: Not just a hypothetical outcome anymore

    RealClearPolitics is now projecting Obama with 269 electoral college votes based upon recent polls (See here ).  By their count, Romney has 181 electoral college votes.  RCP only has 7 tossup states:  Florida (29), North Carolina (15), Virginia (13), Missouri (10), Colorado (9), Iowa (6) and Nevada (6) for a total of 88 ECV up for grabs.  But what happens if Romney does run the | Read More »

    Where is the Christian outrage?

    Dr. Mary L. King, Hollis Professor of Divinity at Harvard University, claims to have discovered a papyrus fragment which provides “evidence” that Jesus was married.  Dr. King has a long history of claiming that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene.  This theory flies in the face of orthodox Christianity and is unsupported by Scriptural authority.  She has previously cited claims from the gnostic “Gospel of | Read More »

    If a diary falls in the forest . . .

    So, this is my first diary since the RedState conversion took place.  And to be honest, I am only writing as an experiment to see what is possible in order to allow others to read a diary without actually seeking me out or tracking me down through the comments section.  While I miss writing, I really miss reading other members’ diaries.  But, if you’re reading | Read More »

    While you were talking about Todd Aiken, you might have missed the fact that our other Senate candidates are doing quite well.

    RCP’s Battle for the Senate  map has now moved the Wisconsin Senate Race from “toss up” to “leans Republican.  Former Governor Tommy Thompson now has an 8.3 point lead in the RCP average of recent polls. But that’s not the big news.  RCP has also moved the Connecticutt Senate race from “leans Democrat” to “toss up”.   Linda McMahon has a 3 point lead (49 – | Read More »

    A Tale of Two Parties: Akin vs. Biden

    Todd Akin says something really stupid and the Republican nominee, party chair, and hierarchy immediately call for him to withdraw from the campaign for Senate. Joe Biden says something incendiary and the Democratic president, party chair, and party hierarchy immediately accuse voters of  being so stupid that they didn’t hear what he actually said. Todd Akin looks the camera in the eye and apologizes for | Read More »

    Reading the VP tea leaves: Announcement coming soon

    The penultimate piece of the VP puzzle is now in place.  At the Olympics today, Ann Romney and Beth Myers watched as Rafalca competed and failed to advance in the horse’s final Olympic event.  The pair will now fly back to Boston, where they will be picked up by limousine and carried to the Romney compound in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.  There will be time for | Read More »

    Memo to Governor Romney: Make the Bold Choice for VP

    Dear Governor Romney: Now that you have returned home from your overseas trip and are in the final days of making your Vice Presidential selection, I wait anxiously to hear your choice.  Now is not the time to be timid.  Now is not the time to play it safe.  Be Bold, Governor Romney.  Choose Marco Rubio. This election is, as Karl Rove put it, “tight | Read More »

    Veepstakes enters final stage

    While Mitt Romney is overseas, his campaign dispatched 7 of the top contenders for the Vice Presidential nomination to key battleground states in what has to be regarded as a final test of their potential as Romney’s running mate.  After all, before making a hiring decision, a CEO wants to see how his choice measures up to the challenges of the job.  And job #1 | Read More »

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