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    Latest RCP Electoral College Map focuses our attention

    RealClearPolitics has revised its electoral college map today and now shows only nine states in the “toss up” category.  Nevada and Pennsylvania have been moved to the “Leans Obama” category, giving Obama a total of 253 electoral college votes.  Romney is shown with 170 electoral college votes and a very narrow pathway to victory.  In order to defeat Obama, Romney 1.  Must win Arizona.  This is a | Read More »

    All tied up

    In an amazing convergence of polling data, the latest Rasmussen Daily Tracking poll, the Gallup Daily Tracking poll, the Fox News poll, and the CBS/NYTimes poll all have the Obama/Romney match-up as a tie at 46 to 46 with 8% undecided.  Given the different methodologies, time frames,  polling samples and divergent political views of these organizations, this can’t be a coincidence.   It also can’t be | Read More »

    Why Obama can’t win …

    It’s difficult to win re-election in bad economic times.  Just ask Bush 41 and Jimmy Carter.  It’s impossible to win re-election when you don’t have a consistent winning message.  Right now, the Obama campaign is lurching about from one message to another, changing course each week.  This week, the message is “I killed Osama Bin Laden (and maybe Mitt Romney wouldn’t have).”  Last week, the | Read More »

    Another bad day in the Supreme Court for Obama

    The day began with the SCOTUS announcing its decision in  United States v. Home Concrete & Supply, LLC.   In a5 – 4 decision written by Justice Breyer, the court ruled against the Obama administration and the IRS attempt to impose additional taxes and penalties on Home Concrete even though the statutory limit of 3 years had passed.  The IRS simply decided to extend the | Read More »

    Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio have a lot in common.

    If Mitt Romney chooses Marco Rubio as his running mate, they will share a compelling family narrative that will have great appeal to voters,  particularly in the Hispanic community. Mitt Romney’s father was born in Mexico and Marco Rubio’s father was born in Cuba.  Romney’s grandfather fled Mexico with five year old George in 1912 at the beginning of the Socialist Mexican Revolution.  Rubio’s parents | Read More »

    Oops: E. J. Dionne speaks the truth — twice

    One never expects E. J. Dionne to give an honest analysis, but on Meet the Press yesterday, he exposed both Obama’s weaknesses and his core strategy for the coming election. Speaking of the GSA and Secret Service scandals–which most analysts dismissed as having any impact on the Obama campaign–Dionne said: I think it’s really bad for progressives, liberals when any of these scandals come up, | Read More »

    “April is the cruelest month.” T.S. Eliot

    Louisiana may have been Rick Santorum’s last hurrah, except for his home state of Pennsylvania.  The April primary looks very good for Mitt Romney.  And we are now into the “winner take all” stage of delegate selection.  Wisconsin, Maryland, and D.C. are April 3.  Three weeks later, primaries are held in New York, Connecticutt, Rhode Island, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.  The polls and pundits all suggest | Read More »

    President Romney’s Cabinet: A few suggestions

    Now that EE has declared Romney the nominee, and since everyone knows that Marco Rubio will be the VP, it’s time to start assembling the talent for Romney Administration’s Cabinet appointees.  Here’s my list.  Let’s see how many I get right. Secretary of Health and Human Services:  Rick Santorum (take that Obamacare) Secretary of Interior and Secretary of Energy:  Newt Gingrich (okay, it’s two jobs, | Read More »

    Newt of the Living Dead

    “Gingrich is in mid fall. What a sad end to a brilliant legacy. But his campaign is over. All we need is Haley Joel Osment and M. Night Shyamalan to point out to him he is dead.”  Erick Erickson. I love a good zombie movie–full of heroes, villains, inept establishment types–lots of action and gore–filled with plot twists and surprises.  The Republican Presidential nomination is | Read More »

    Newt has a Ron Paul moment–or two

    Responding to a question from Greta Van Sustern last night about what he would do about Afghanistan if he were President right now, Newt said that he would talk to the generals and ask them to develop a plan to “withdraw our troops as quickly and safely as possible”.  A few minutes later when asked about the Obama administration’s approach to high gasoline prices, Newt | Read More »