Suppose there was an ideology.

    Suppose there was an ideology. Not a religion, an ideology.

    Suppose the adherents of that ideology wanted you and everything you love, dead.

    How many adherents of that ideology should we take?

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    The Only Post-Election Analysis Tool You Will Ever Need!

        I have developed a tool that provides instantaneous analysis of election results, taking into account all possible scenarios. I am making it available exclusively here at RedState on Election Day. Using this tool can save you hours that you might have spent watching CBS, ABC, or NBC; or (worse) reading birdcage liners like the New York Times or even USA Today. You’re welcome, America.   | Read More »

    Can the President waive a tax?

    The Administration today announced that it was going to delay the employer mandate in Obamacare: As I recall, the Supreme Court famously ruled in 2012 that the mandate in Obamacare was a (constitutional) tax, not a (potentially unconstitutional) mandate. But if it’s a tax, does the President have the authority to unilaterally make this decision, without any enacting legislation? If so, what would stop | Read More »

    Can you hear me now? YES, WE CAN!

    I thought my redstate friends might enjoy a little 1-minute video I put together over the weekend. Can you hear me now? Obama says: YES, WE CAN!

    Why are we even calling it “Health Insurance”?

    From the diaries… Insurance (n): financial protection against loss or harm: an arrangement by which a company gives customers financial protection against loss or harm such as theft or illness in return for payment premium. So, the Obama administration has just announced that all employers will henceforth pay for birth control medications and abortifacients. Setting aside the (substantial) conscience issues that many religiously-motivated employers have with | Read More »

    Is there not one ethical, courageous Democrat?

    Is there not one ethical, courageous Democrat? The Obama administration’s actions in the recent past have by any measure set new records for cynicism and hypocrisy. Obama the Senator (c. 2006) and Obama the Presidential candidate (c. 2007-2008) repeatedly espoused positions that Obama the President (c. 2009-2012) has not only declined to endorse but dramatically repudiated. Pre-election Obama was going to reset international relations (oops), | Read More »

    A litmus test I think we can get behind

    I’m not a fan of “litmus-tests” or “deal-breakers” when choosing my favorite candidate for president. For example: “Candidate X voted YES on legislation Y. That’s a deal-breaker for me, so I’m not supporting Mr. X.” Frankly, such hard-line pronouncements are generally unrealistic. They fail to account for the fact that no candidate is perfect. Every candidate with any meaningful history is likely to have done | Read More »

    Cainsexcainsexcainsexcainsex – ENOUGH already

    Not since Sarah Palin’s decision to NOT enter the 2012 Presidential race has a topic received so much dawn-to-dusk coverage on redstate’s front page. I just counted: 13 of the past 19 front-page entries are about Cain and the allegations of sexual harassment, over a roughly 24-hour period. Each one is breathlessly reporting some trivial development, or some politico’s comments on the latest trivial development. | Read More »

    Why are folks on both sides so adamant that they “lost” the debt-ceiling debate?

    After a bruising and intensely public battle over the debt ceiling, many in the Progressive Left are publicly declaring disappointment in the result, asserting that the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party (“extremists” and “terrorists”) drove the terms of the debate and ensuing outcome. Of course, this is not a universally-held assessment. Ann Barnhardt (, Francis Cianfrocca (,  and others have eloquently argued the opposite | Read More »

    Advice for Mr. Boehner and Mr. McConnell in the budget showdown

    I’m sure Speaker Boehner and Minority Leader McConnell have received plenty of advice in the recent past, but I’m going to dare to offer some of my own.  Here is an imaginary speech which I am imagining they could deliver to shore up their negotiating position. Mr. President, the Republican Party has gone on record with its proposal. It’s called the Ryan Plan. It’s been | Read More »