“Daniels bemoans Bayh’s exit”

    Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels (R-IN) has some very devoted followers on RedState. I know this because of the angry knee-jerk responses if red flags are raised about whether or not he is an across-the-board ideological conservative. I believe the shockingly early endorsement of John McCain by Mitch Daniels in the last presidential election (before McCain’s own entry into the race) says volumes about the RINO | Read More »

    What was Mike Pence thinking?

    Mike Pence (R-IN) certainly knew that his stepping out of the U.S. Senate race against Evan Bayh (D-IN) would be the perfect opportunity for him to anoint (or at least raise the profile of) a candidate who had already been running for the seat — John Hostetler and Marlin Stutzman, to name two. So those who are currently targeting Dan Coats would have to assume | Read More »

    Sean Hannity, the wake-up call is for you.

    Word is that Congressman Mike Pence (R-IN) may run against Senator Evan Bayh (D-IN). When I worried out loud that Pence would have to risk a great deal to run, a smart friend of mine cut to the chase: “Pence has to run. If 2010 isn’t the time to defeat Bayh, there will never be a time to beat him.” Why would I, a strong | Read More »

    “The Two Most Explosive Words in the English Language”

    The facts are fairly simple. Brit Hume was a guest on “Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace” on January 3, 2010. Chris Wallace asked the panelists to make predictions for 2010 in four different categories:  politics, entertainment, sports, and the economy. When it was his turn to talk about sports, Hume said this: “Tiger Woods will recover as a golfer. Whether he can recover as | Read More »

    Jake Tapper pins Robert Gibbs like a butterfly.

    As the guest host on Sunday’s “This Morning with George Stephanopoulos” show, Jake Tapper tried to school Robert Gibbs on the meaning of the word “transparency,” as well as the difference between public “voting” and secret “negotiations” on health care reform, but Gibbs was having none of it. By his own admission, Tapper — “in the spirit of the Christmas season” — gave Gibbs more | Read More »

    Good Men and the Mainstream Media

    Sanford and Ensign are the latest moral casualties in the Republican Party, and we can be sure that the mainstream media will continue to chase every possible rabbit trail to collect all the gory details. Many are pointing out that these same reporters are largely indifferent to the moral failings (or illegal dealings) of their friends on the liberal side, so the double standard being | Read More »