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    Racist Teapartiers: They must be here somewhere…

    Americans for Prosperity went out to cover the April 15th Tea Parties across the country, and copied a nice cross-section of what fed up Americans are all about. At one such rally, they found a couple of Obama supporters claiming to be against “White Supremacy” and asked them for proof that the Tea Party is racist. James Taranto wrote; Meanwhile, Americans for Prosperity has an | Read More »

    Hey! How about the USS Jane Fonda?

    I honestly don’t know how to write this without getting myself into trouble, and I’m dumbfounded. I was catching up with the Navy Times online when I saw something that made my jaw drop; The Navy’s 10th San Antonio-class amphibious transport dock will be named for Rep. John Murtha, the long-serving Pennsylvania Democrat who chaired the powerful House appropriations defense subcommittee before he died in | Read More »

    No missile worry from Iran until 2015. Unless…

    Two things I would imagine have the Obama administration breathing a sigh of relief, both via the UK Telegraph; Asked at a senate hearing about Tehran’s missile capability, James Miller, principal deputy undersecretary of defence for policy, said current estimates indicate “that it could potentially be as soon as 2015 [where a missile from Iran could reach the US].” This would put it well past | Read More »

    The Anti-Soros SoS Project Candidate-Damon Dunn

    By now you’ve no doubt heard of the George Soros funded Secretary of State Project, established as a backlash against a leftist-perceived “engineered loss” of the Algore candidacy in 2000. The left as part of its blame assignment included Katherine Harris, then the Florida Secretary of State who after endless delays (see Algore, Cheat) declared G. W. Bush the winner. The light bulbs came on; | Read More »

    Axelrod spins the Israeli PM snub

    Axelface Axelrod put out the “Official Spin” on the snub of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu today, which we’ll gladly de-construct here; Obama met the Israeli leader in the White House on Tuesday but did not dine with his visitor and, by keeping the talks closed to the media, also denied Netanyahu the courtesy of a photo-opportunity with the president. Obama didn’t want to be | Read More »

    Once again, “Job Creation” isn’t on Obama’s to-do list

    Obama, ever focusing “laser-like” on creating jobs for Americans, announced a recess appointment who seems to be someone who will do everything but; Washington (CNN) — President Obama announced Saturday that he will make recess appointments of 15 nominees to administration posts who are awaiting confirmation by the full Senate. “The United States Senate has the responsibility to approve or disapprove of my nominees,” Obama | Read More »

    Does the Christian Right have a home?

    My wife had a computer problem recently, the blue screen of death (BSOD) would stop things dead and force her to restart the computer. Of course, whatever she was doing at the time was toast, be it EBay, Farmville, or loading her IPod. It was distressing, to say the least. If I’ve learned one thing about computer problems, it’s that someone somewhere has had the | Read More »

    Against All Enemies

    As I rapidly approach the time I set for myself to retire from a combined active-duty/reserve-duty 20 year career in the US Navy Seabees, I find myself often lost in reflection; thinking about friends who retired before me, remembering some who tired of the reserves constant interruption in their lives and packed it in. Thinking about brothers and sisters who willingly went overseas to a | Read More »


    Like London during the blitz?

    We’re sitting around on a Sunday night knowing our country is under attack, and that an attack is imminent. But we’re used to living like that, it shouldn’t be that way, but it is. And we deal with it. So we’re watching TV, messing around on the internet: suddenly an alert is sounded;

    Want to quit wasting our time on your hostile take over of our Health Care?

    Just on my way back from dropping off a car at a dealer 10 miles away, had my IPod cranking, light traffic, nice day. Then I noticed a car dealer that had been at the same location forever, closed. Not a new car dealer, mind you, a used car lot that had formerly done a great business. Perfect location, right beside the freeway, they took | Read More »