McCain Vs. the Vietnamese

    I read a very interesting article in the WSJ today describing the former captors of John McCain and their support for his assent to the presidency. He fought the Vietnamese up front and personal from a cell. He suffered physically and mentally at the hands of the then enemy but was an early supporter of normalization with our former foes. McCain played a crucial role | Read More »


    Obama is now accusing his Republican opponents of being effective.

    Rangel, coloful crook or moron

    It is reported that Representative Charles B. Rangel blamed “cultural and language barriers” on his forgetting about $75,000 in income on his tax returns. This minor income problem is apparently the result of an interest free mortgage he obtained from a big New York real estate developer and Rangel political donor. Rangle is allegedly to have said of his investment advisers at the resort “every | Read More »

    Financial Tsunami, revisited

    April- June GDP grew 3.3% according to the U.S. Commerce Department’s Bureau of Economic Analysis in the August 28th report. The credit liquidity issues are starting to show signs of loosening evidenced by the upward tic in short term commercial parer issuance. We’re not out of the woods yet but a big chunk of the needed (massive) asset rationalizations are now in the rear view | Read More »

    Obama’s on the run

    B. H Obama is on the defensive. His thin qualifications, no matter how propped up by the Democratic machine are beginning to look thread bear. He is of the system of which he protests change. He is a product of the establishment looking for a puppet with a Clinton smile. He is smart enough to know where his bread is buttered, at the though. Expect | Read More »


    Well he made the speech. He’d better get a specific road map out because the other side has more plans than Carter has pills. He needs to publish, publish, publish his top priorities and let Sarah keep banging away at the Dem’s. He needs a full court information press communicating his economic vision and specific plans. He and Palin can get to work on the | Read More »

    Sara Palin

    I cant believe the hypocrisy of the BoIraq supporters that are claiming Sara Palin has no experience. Talk about the pot (yes, Obama inhaled) calling the kettle black. I heard one mindless Obama supporter criticizing how small the population of Alaska is compared with other states. Well guess where Biden is from, Delaware, full stop. Strong move by McCain. Choosing a driven competitive woman will | Read More »

    Democratic Convention and the Entitled

    Obama is holding his convention this week in Denver. Never in the history of mankind has so much hot air gone so high as in the mile high city. Omama got here through crafty gamesmanship. The Michigan and Florida delegates were disqualified from participating in the selection of the party candidate. Hilary had more votes. Just as well for Boiraq, (sp) she won these highly | Read More »