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    I AM leaving the Republicans. Mark Levin is right. But I’m not an inch away from leaving. I am GONE.

    [Removed idiotic image - NS] Mark Levin is right. The elected Republican party has betrayed us. And it’s time to leave. There was a time when being a Republican meant something and stood for something. A time when they stood for better things than the Democrat party. Common sense things. American things. The Constitution and Freedom. They fought for the American people – not for | Read More »

    Every Day is 9/11

    Every Day is 9/11. Every day is September 11th when we have enemies who want to destroy America. Enemies who are both foreign and domestic. Enemies who are always plotting against us. Patriotic and law-abiding Americans must be on guard against their own government and politicians as well as other countries and terrorists. They all have the same goal – to destroy our way of | Read More »

    A List of Offensive & Disparaging Names That the Obama Trademark Office Allows

    So the Obama Trademark office, like every other department under the Obama administration, gets to pick and choose who gets legal coverage, due process, health care, contract enforcement, Skittles and air to breathe. They base this on which political party you belong to or how much money you donate to the Democrat party and their candidates. If you’ve “in” with the cool kids, you can | Read More »

    RINO-FEVER: Selling out the American People & Why It’s an Epidemic

    There have always been Rinos but it seems like there have been more and more lately – and Republicans that started out by being “Tea Party” candidates and have totally sold out their Conservative base, not to mention the American people. When they start saying Obamacare will never go away – and they tell us that they’re going to force their immigration amnesty plans on | Read More »

    Join the “Condoms for Georgetown” Campaign

    Sandra Fluke, a third-year law student at Georgetown Law and past president of the school’s Students for Reproductive Justice recently testified on the floor of Congress about how she (and other law students at Georgetown) are so financially strapped that they can’t afford the contraceptives that they need. Barred from speaking by evil Republican lawmaker Darrell Isaa, who wants to adhere to Constitutional principles like | Read More »

    Santorum is Leading in the Delegate Count

    It’s amazing how stupid the cable news shows are. Even Fox is telling us how Michigan is counting votes county by county, which is untrue. I haven’t seen anything yet about the delegate count. The results are unofficial so far. You can check them out here. Here’s what it looks like as of 11:50 p.m. Michigan time concerning the delegate counts by district: Santorum Wins | Read More »

    On Romney and Obama – and Killing Dogs…

    Someone asked me the other day when I can’t stand Romney. Being in animal rescue, I used my best analogy when talking to this person. Voting for Obama would be like supporting a kill shelter, which is usually a county shelters that don’t do much to adopt out animals. Instead, they kill them every four to seven days to make room for the next one | Read More »

    Obama was Doing Cocaine Near the Time That Gingrich was Married to 2nd Wife

    Yes, people, let’s get a little perspective here. It was 30 years ago. Gingrich married Marianne Ginther in 1981. Obama says that he did cocaine (and other things) in high school, which would put his drug habit the years of 1976 through 1979. So approximately 30 years ago, who exactly had the bad moral character? And let me tell you a thing or two about | Read More »

    Settling (for crapola)

    We have a Marxist in the White House and THIS is what we have to choose from? Really?! Why? Because the Conservative cowards out there won’t  put our country before themselves and run for office, that’s why. We’re all waiting to wake up from this Twilight Zone episode to see a new list of candidates. I could come up with a list of many people | Read More »


    Why is there no clear consistent Republican nominee? Because we have no warriors. We have no one who has clearly shown they have the knowledge and the passion of Conservatism combined with the urgency and understanding of what is going on in our country and how close we are to total destruction. There have been surges and disappointments. There have been “false prophets” in the | Read More »