I'm just a regular Joe, with a regular job. I'm your average white male suburbanite slob. I like football, and cars, and books about war. If the Duke were alive today, he'd be my sidekick. I'm going to brand a new energy drink called Newc and feed it to my horses, so Duke and I can chase bad guys better, and we'll keep custom gyrojets in our holsters, because we've tired of regular firearms. If there was a bard chronicling my adventures, it would be Denis Leary. I wear cowboy hats made of Interceptor armor, and on weekends I enjoy riding in a nuclear-powered cruise missile with a cockpit. I make sure to circle one of Al Gore's houses every Sunday. That's why the grass on his lawn turned violet.


    Speaking Theater To Power

    It’s late May, the time when a new generation graduates, and many have noted the ideological tilt of the commencement speakers. As you know, when heterodox speakers arrive on college campuses, they face a host of obstacles. Student-activists will lie prone in the parking lot to prevent speakers from driving in or out. They are struck with pies. The stage may be stormed. This isn’t | Read More »

    RedState, The Motion Picture

    Before, I suggested just one conservative film be financed by over-the-counter stock, rather than the conventional means of private financing, that rely on phone calls and connection to venture capitalists and other financiers. But I’m going to explore what the consequences of a successful endeavor would be. Possibly, the whole studio system as we know it could be lodged from power. Before, I pondered only | Read More »

    The Counter-Hollywood Apparatus

    In the previous post, I suggested a novel approach to providing k-12 scholarships to children attending private schools. The referral rate method was suggested so as not to compete for the larger pool of charitable funds chasing other equally deserving causes. Now I turn my attention from education to the larger culture as shaped by mass media in the arts. I read with rapt attention | Read More »

    Schoolhouse Scholars Fund

    I wouldn’t council surrendering the fight on this issue in the political sphere, but until victory is achieved, a nation of children will wait to be liberated from a poor institution. That is, unless we erect a “Second Superpower” in American education. I have an outline. Below is the rough sketch of my school voucher endowment plan.

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