WHAT I PLAN TO DO NOW It has been 2 1/2 months since the election. During that time I’ve tried, like many people, to make sense of what occurred. I’ve asked myself the question countless times…not really expecting an answer… “How could the American people have re-elected this president?” I’ve read all the analyses, have heard all the arguments, and time and again have said | Read More »

    We Told You So!

    While thinking people continue to rail against the shocking and unabashed seizure of power by the democrats and liberal left, we seem to keep warning about the future impact their actions will have. It’s high time we remind the American public that precisely what we said would happen indeed HAS happened! For example, we said if the democrats took back Congress they’d do nothing but | Read More »

    The principle of “Disproportionate Reality”

    I’m still working on the definition, but I’ll try to describe what I mean by the term “Disproportionate Reality”.  Let’s take two, seemingly similar incidents: Obama bowing to the Saudi King and Bush massaging the shoulders of Angela Merkel. Both were real events (i.e. “Reality”). The Left attempted to excuse Obama’s action first by denying he did it at all, and failing with that approach, attempted to deflect this inexcusable behavior | Read More »

    I can no longer remain silent…

    Like most conservatives, I’d prefer to keep a low profile and focus on my family, my job, my community and my hobbies. But in the face of the most radical lurch to the left in my lifetime (and I grew up in the Sixties!), I can no longer remain silent. As an affluent New Yorker, I am surrounded by the most egregious form of limousine | Read More »