CO2 Sequestration – What could go wrong?

    Risks to underground drinking water from improperly managed carbon dioxide sequestration projects can include CO2 migration into the water table, causing leaching and mobilization of contaminants (such as arsenic, lead and salt), the EPA said. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory is evaluating the potential for leakage of sequestered CO2 to mobilize trace elements of contaminants such as arsenic, barium, cadmium, mercury, lead, antimony, selenium, zinc, and | Read More »

    What if the Kennedy ploys start to work?

    IF the Kennedy ploys should gain any traction, here’s how we can remind them that they won’t be here in 2013: Everyone who has or knows a kid, knows that while they may get many stuffed bears over the course of childhood, there is always one that is “the keeper”. The rest are expendable. WE all need to obtain three of these “expendables”, either from | Read More »