Gail Collins: all hat and no cattle.

    In the latest Muppets movie, the plot (such as it is) revolves about a villain seeking to destroy the Muppets’ theater. There’s oil beneath the structure, and the evil Tex Richman will stop at nothing to get it. Just in case the subtlety escapes you: he’s the bad guy because he’s rich, he’s mean, and he’s Texan. If you’ve seen this contribution to the cinematic | Read More »

    The Texas record.

    We’re pleased to bring you this commentary on the Texas economic record from Bill Peacock, Vice President for Research at the Texas Public Policy Foundation. Texas has been the home of the last two Republican presidents. With Governor Rick Perry now in the fray, we’re fixin’ to find out if Texas can make it three in a row. When examining what makes Texas the benchmark | Read More »

    This day. This moment.

    If you don’t know how RedState started seven years ago, here’s the story. It’s a tale of a few guys with a few dollars and a few basic principles who got together and started something small. In the fullness of time, that something small became something big. The cast of characters changed, too: the original three co-founders are now off doing many other things. I | Read More »

    “Amazon tax” takes Texas in the wrong direction.

    I am pleased to bring to you this commentary by the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s own VP for Research, Bill Peacock, on the need to defeat the Texas “Amazon tax” that will be considered by the Texas House of Representatives on Thursday morning. RedState’s Erick Erickson was on the case of the “Amazon tax” back in mid-May, and since then, Neil Stevens has done yeoman’s | Read More »

    “What liberal media?” (Texas edition.)

    Here’s a cautionary tale for you from the states — and specifically the state of Texas. By way of full disclosure, I serve as the VP for Communications at the Texas Public Policy Foundation. From April 25th through May 20th, the Texas Public Policy Foundation ran a series of television advertisements — all available on the TPPF YouTube Channel — urging Texans to head to | Read More »

    Egypt’s revolution is not over.

    Egypt’s revolution is not over. As I write this, Hosni Mubarak’s reign as autocrat of Egypt ended mere minutes ago. The scenes on Al Jazeera English — the only international-news channel worth watching for the past month — are of a delirium in Cairo’s Tahrir Square. It is a panorama of popular victory unseen since Germans clambered up the Berlin Wall, and it may be | Read More »

    FCC v. AT&T: what’s at stake.

    You may not have heard about it, but there’s a tremendously important case that will be argued before the Supreme Court of the United States on Wednesday. It’s the Federal Communications Commission v. AT&T, Inc. — and if decided wrongly, it has the potential to transform the federal government’s Freedom of Information Act into a powerful anti-business weapon in the hands of the left. By | Read More »

    California’s politics, free speech, and video games.

    November 2nd, 2010, will be a big day in American history. It’s the day we vote in the midterm elections that will likely see historic Republican gains in both houses of Congress. It’s also the day that the United States Supreme Court considers the case of Schwarzenegger v. Entertainment Merchants Association. This case stems from a 2005 California law that prohibited the sale of “unsuitable” | Read More »

    Dear RedState: Thank you from DeVore for California.

    Tomorrow is primary day in California. By that evening, we’ll know whether Carly Fiorina, Tom Campbell, or Chuck DeVore is the choice of California Republicans to face off against Barbara Boxer in November. This election year is our last, best chance to dethrone the malign queen of the California left, with her black heart and bad ideas — and I hope we make the right | Read More »

    Where RedState comes from.

    Lee Siegel is an eminent cultural critic. I admit to being unsure what a “cultural critic” actually is, or how one ascends to the profession, but I do know that Lee Siegel knows. In this capacity, he writes for The New Republic and The Daily Beast. He writes about things cultural, including RedState. And he gets things badly wrong. Here’s how RedState began, according to | Read More »