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    Wall Street Mores?

     How can anyone be surprised that members of the Wall Street “criminal cabal” are back in business? A few years ago, some of the dirtiest dogs slinked out of downtown Manhattan, supposedly in disgrace for their role in plunging America into (near) ecomic collapse. Remarkably, however, many of them reappeared a short time later, with their greedy, cankerous paws all over the government’s financial sector! | Read More »

    Muhammad and the Ground Zero Mosque

     On July 11, 2011, a Justice of the New York State Supreme Court dismissed a lawsuit, filed by a New York City firefighter, seeking to prohibit construction of the “Ground Zero Mosque” (hereinafter, also, “GZM”). The Court never actually considered the merits of the case. Instead, its judgment rests on technical, legal grounds, holding that the firefighter lacked “standing” to file the lawsuit in the | Read More »

    Obama’s Apologist Manifesto – a/k/a Kicking our Israeli Ally Under the Bus

    In his speech today, President Obama regurgitated his far left, apologist manifesto. While millions continue to struggle through America’s economic meltdown, crushing unemployment, free-falling housing market, and paralyzing gasoline prices, President Obama announced his generous plan to forgive billions in Egyptian debt and loan billions to create jobs in the Middle East. (It sounds strangely reminiscent of his failed domestic stimulus package and his promise | Read More »

    Islamic Sharia; Illegal Alien in American Courts…

    Let’s make this crystal clear: The term “Sharia” refers to “SACRED ISLAMIC LAW”. It is the RELIGIOUS CODE of LIFE, which includes Islamic law and the Islamic way of life. The phrase “way of life” includes: politics, daily routines, food, clothing, amusement, sport, finances, familial and religious obligations. Islamic Sharia is the law of ALLAH. Fanatic Muslims, all over the world, seek to establish Sharia | Read More »

    America’s looming demise, no longer “if”, but “when”.

    Barack Obama is earning some new nicknames, like “master of deception” and “maestro of misdirection”. Why? Because while we are all focusing on the trauma in Libya, Japan, and elsewhere, we are not worrying about the state of the US economy; more importantly, we are not worrying about the growing international status of the United States as the biggest deadbeat debtor in world history.   Thus | Read More »

    Obama Experiment Failing

    At first blush I was jumping on the conservative’s band wagon saying, “Where the hell is Obama on Libya and the crisis in Japan?” Then it dawned on me that so long as Obama is keeping quiet, America is far better off. Other people were upset that Obama appeared on ESPN to make his predictions in the NCAA basketball tournament, rather than focusing his attention | Read More »

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    Unions and Politicians…Recipe for Charlie Foxtrot

    Mar 16, 2011 I hope every fair-minded American citizen has watched the recent piece on Fox News about teacher’s unions. A bigwig, union boss, is on-camera and popping-off about how union management couldn’t care less about schools, teachers and the children they teach. He states that at his level “of the game” it is all about “money and power”. He laid it out so simply | Read More »


    It is indisputable that Barack Hussein Obama, as an adolescent and young man, developed a thorough understanding of Islamic teachings. Therefore, it is illogical to assume that, as an adult, he is unaware that sharia refers to both the Islamic system of law and the totality of the Islamic way of life. As such, he knows that devout and fanatical Muslims adhere to a strict | Read More »

    Bestowed By Our Creator…

    Lately you can practically hear liberal elitists snickering over the prospect of crushing the few remaining news forums available to republicans and conservatives. Just imagine the consequences of having one political party controlling every scintilla of news and information made available to the public. Only facts and information favorable to the ruling regime would be presented and no meaningful opposition to the government would be | Read More »

    Fox News, Freedom of the Press, & Barack Hussein Obama

    Last week, President Obama attacked Fox News. He said the viewpoints expressed on Fox were not “good” for America. Fox’s apparent crime was reporting news and opinion not in complete accord with Obama’s socialist agenda. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Obama and the Congressional liberal elite have also threatened to censor conservative talk-radio programs and to implement governmental regulation of the Internet. It takes | Read More »