Into Everyone’s Life a Little Sunshine Enters… Now and Again

As detailed here http://blogs.riverfronttimes.com/stlog/2009/01/p-d_layoffs_the_memo.php

The St. Louis Post Dispatch annonced yet another round of layoffs… this one including that very far left fellow traveler Eric Mink

That’s right… tsquare won’t have Mink to kick around anymore.

Now… normally I don’t like to take pleasure in the misfortune of others… and when I do… I do so quietly and in private.

In Mink’s case I’m making an exception. The man is completely without talent, holds little virtue, and seemingly would socialize the whole of the economy. I hope that he has already heard from both the ex-wife and her attorney demanding that the alimony keep flowing

I am personally most pleased that this happened before President Bush left office as now Mink can not get that poison column into print.

So goodbye Eric… do be a stranger now that you are gone. Don’t write… anything. Maybe Hugo needs a new PR flack… you might try there… God knows you’d like the politics… though I suspect Hugo is a little to the right for your tastes.

Begone Mink!… and trouble us no more!

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