Studied Mathematics and Philosophy at Kennesaw State University. Can read and speak Hebrew. Can read Arabic, Latin, and Greek. Pursuing a PhD in philosophy. A passionate supporter of Israel, with a working knowledge of the language and culture of the middle-east.


    Redwood Forest Combustion; Squirrel Kills Japanese Tourist

    All the trees in the Redwood Forest National Park exploded into flames early Tuesday morning after a Japanese tourist snuck into the park and snapped a photo of a squirrel. “This event has given us a new understanding of the combustion process,” said Stanford Physicist and government Science and Muslim self-esteem analyst, Jason Baron. “On site investigations have pointed to the discovery of a new | Read More »

    Redacted Report on the Proceedings of the Conference for The Study and Continuity of American Stupidity

    (Satire) Delegates from every U.N member nation convened early Monday in the U.N. headquarters in New York for the fourth annual International Conference for the Study and Continuity of American Stupidity. Started by the Iranian, Chinese, and Russian ambassadors in 2009 after the election of a community organizing junior senator with no math skills to the highest office of the government of the United States, | Read More »

    Kerry’s Incompetence: Out of the Mouth of Madness

    Comes a sensible sentence wedded to an insensible paragraph. It appears that incompetence has its advantages. John Kerry who called Assad’s invitation to have UN inspectors come to the country after the gas attack, “too late to be credible” then offhandedly suggested two weeks later, within a wider rhetorical bluster, one including statements that any intervention would be “unbelievably small”, that the Syrian crises that | Read More »

    Syria and Recent History: On The Field of Black Birds

    Elements of the KLA(Kosovo Liberation Army) are in Syria now. They have been in Syria. A year and a half ago, it was reported on every news outlet except the New York times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, the Washington Times, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and Telemundo, that the Syrian rebels were studying terror tactics at a KLA training camp on | Read More »

    The War Process

    The recent ploy of the western powers to herald peace between the Jews and those who want to kill the Jews has resulted in one of the most disgusting spectacles in modern diplomatic history. The western powers have forced the Jews, on behalf of those who want to kill the Jews, to release from prison and thereby absolve the people who have killed the Jews and want | Read More »

    A Defense of the Nation

    From Conjecture and Consequence The most coherent political idea ever conceived is the insane notion that individuals residing in either geographic or cultural proximity to one another should have conferred upon them the immutable right to advance their political objectives and pragmatic concerns without the interference from another not of that region or culture. In as much as it is coherent, it is also ancient. | Read More »

    Christians Under The Crescent

    From: Future Voices of America  Syria, and the conflict which is now shredding it, is a complex set of political objects, players, and misery. As such, any examination of the crises facing Syria’s Christian population must account at least partially for these dynamic forces that have developed into the current cyclone of violence and oppression. The first set of assumptions we should displace is the | Read More »

    The Trial of the Enlightenment

    From Conjecture and Consequence : My formative childhood years were spent in a diverse neighborhood in the Inland Empire about 20 miles east of Los Angeles.  My third grade class consisted of 10 white kids; the rest were Hispanic, Black, and Asian and a few could not speak English; they were given assignments in Spanish and special educators administered their standardized exams. The ones who could | Read More »

    Christians Under The Crescent: Egypt

    From The Christians of Egypt are a forgotten people. For nearly 14 centuries they have been marginalized and subjected to second class “dhimmi” status under the empire of Islam, the crescent and the sword. Prior to the Arab invasion of 641 A.D. and subsequent Islamification and later “Arabization” of Egypt, a process in which not only religion, but language and cultural identity was forced | Read More »

    Edward Snowden: It’s Not About the Phones.

    From Somewhere in the lower bowels of the intelligence agencies in one of those windowless, florescent lit rooms, human-less and puritan, cleansed of all sense of meaning and so of conscience, an eye strained group of analysts are studiously penetrating a dossier on Edward Snowden, which, in all likelihood, contains every detail of the young man’s life, and are adding details about how it may | Read More »