Shurtleff to Challenge Bennet

    Senator Bob Bennet (R-UT) is going to face a solid challenge for his seat from Attorney General Mark Shurtleff. Via the Deseret News: The winds of change, they are a-blowin’,” Shurtleff proclaimed Wednesday. “Not the bigger-government, corporate-welfare, radical-liberal-nannyism kind of change promised and now being implemented by (President Barack) Obama.” Shurtleff is challenging incumbent Republican Sen. Bob Bennett, whom he accused of breaking promises to | Read More »

    Salt Lake City Tea Party

    Cross posted at Time To Keep Score I spent an hour yesterday at the Salt Lake City TEA Party.  Event organizers are estimating that 2,000-3,000 people attended.  The crowd was energetic and enthusiastic.  And contrary to what you might read in the news, this was not some gathering of lunatics.  It was not steeped in insanity. And lest you think this was only an anti-Obama | Read More »

    Exceptional or Mediocre?

    Cross posted at: Time to Keep Score: I recently read a speech given by Charles Murray at the 2009 Irving Kristol Lecture. And I think I can say without hyperbole that it is the best, or one of the best speeches I have ever read. It perfectly articulates the concerns that I have, not just about the Obama Administration, but about the general direction that | Read More »

    The War on Free Speech Has Begun

    The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has created a petition “to show Rush Limbaugh and all of the Republicans what they’re up against if they start attacking President Obama.”  Rush has responded by encouraging folks to leave pro-Limbaugh comments at the petition website. It only took 2 weeks, but the war on free speech has begun.  I for one, am ready for a fight. h/t NewsBusters.

    Mr. President, Thank You.

    Cross posted from Time To Keep Score Dear George W. Bush, Thank you. Thank you for standing up in the face of an adversary that despised you, mis-characterized you, lied about you, and even burned you in effigy. The American left is obnoxious, angry, and unhinged. Lesser men have folded their will and principle in the spirit of so called ‘bipartisanship and unity’. But you, | Read More »

    The Only Solution?

    During the campaign season, President-elect Obama made clear his intentions for the United States of America. He spoke with clarity of the need for a bigger, more influential government, one unfettered by the “restraints of the constitution.” He spoke of a National Civilian Task Force, stronger than the United States military. He spoke of group sacrifice in many forms, including what kind of cars we | Read More »

    Mumbai and Terrorism

    As the attacks in Mumbai, India have reminded the world, Jihad, and radical Islamic terror is still alive and well. Despite the election of a transcendent, all-encompassing, new world savior in America, the Jihadists are marching onward in their mission to destroy the infidel, regardless of his nationality or politics. The megaphone Left, both domestically and internationally have spent 7 years calling George W. Bush | Read More »

    Barack Obama and the WPA 2.0

    Cross-posted from UncommonRight. We’ll put people back to work rebuilding our crumbling roads and bridges, modernizing schools that are failing our children, and building wind farms and solar panels; fuel-efficient cars and the alternative energy technologies that can free us from our dependence on foreign oil and keep our economy competitive in the years ahead. ~Barack Obama, November 22, 2008 Where, exactly does Barack Obama | Read More »

    The American Way of Life

    The evidence clearly indicates that our most cherished rights and interests are all a part of the American way of life. Can communism, socialism, fascism, or any other coercive system provide these priceless blessings which flow to us as a part of our American way of life? The common denominator of all these coercive systems is the curtailment of individual liberty. Surely we will all | Read More »

    The Rule of Law, and Proposition 8

    Cross-posted from Uncommon Right. The most interesting, most controversial, and most watched ballot item after the race for the White House was California’s Proposition 8. The initiative to amend the California Constitution to outlaw same-sex marriage. It predictably came down to a battle between religion and secularism. At least, in general. There are of course religious people who opposed the measure, and secular people who | Read More »