US Army Special Forces, '68-'71, CA Army National Guard '77-'86, rose to rank of Captain and commanded MP Company. Alameda County, CA, Sheriff's Office '81 - '05 (last 7 years as Sergeant), Gustine, CA PD '07-'08 (Detective Sergeant 4 months, Interim Chief 8 months), October '08 - back into retirement - ranching in Colorado. Bachelor's Degree from Columbia College, MO


    Roberts’ Present to the Government

    Here’s my take on the far-reaching effects of Roberts decision (strictly my own observations.  I am not a Constitutional lawyer like our exalted leader). John Roberts didn’t murder the Constitution, as I’ve heard a number of folks aver.  He left it there, but made it irrelevant if the government chooses to treat it so, by adding new abilities for the government to enforce compliance with | Read More »

    Open Letter to American Youth (or, You Voted Obama into Office and The Bill is Coming Due)

    If you have graduated college within the past three years, about 85% of you have returned home to live with mom and dad. That would be the mom and dad that pay the vast majority of the household bills, and probably in many cases are even making the payments on your student loans. In point of fact, mom and dad are not only paying the | Read More »

    Why Zimmerman Has Not Been Arrested

    An awful lot of people in the media and on various blogs are demanding the police arrest Zimmerman. This is just another indicator that 99% of the folks in this country really don’t know how our criminal justice system works. It is exceptionally stunning to me that a lot of lawyers are in the group crying for the police to arrest Zimmerman and hold him | Read More »

    Govt. To Require Your BMI, ACORN could get it too!

    It came to my attention while watching Neil Cavuto today that beginning in 2014, the Federal Government is going to require the electronic reporting of everyone’s BMI (body mass index) by all health care providers as part of Obamacare. Sec 4103 (a) COVERAGE OF PERSONALIZED PREVENTION PLAN SERVICES.— (1) IN GENERAL.—Section 1861(s)(2) of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. 1395x(s)(2)) is amended… (b) PERSONALIZED PREVENTION | Read More »

    Conservatism is the Fall-back Position

    On a daily basis anymore, and with ever more frequency as the elections approach, political discussion in every form of media is drifting toward one subject: What is it that is driving the renewed interest in politics? What, specifically, has brought Americans to their heightened state of political awareness, and how is that motivation going to play out in the coming elections? Is this specifically | Read More »

    Why the Dems NEED Obamacare – a short screed

    In short, Democrats feel they have to pass Obamacare because if they don’t, the Republican Health Care Reform proposals WILL ultimately pass, and they know they WILL work, and Republicans will get credit for it. Successful health care reform will go down in history as a Republican, not Democrat, success. The bill the Dems have been working on for ‘sixty years’ will have failed, and | Read More »


    The Simple Way To Defeat Obamacare

    The short version: Target House Democrats much more than Senate Democrats in your anti-Obamacare campaigning, and do it NOW and do it hard. The long version: It’s going to be tough to be a Democrat up for election this year, and today, they may have outsmarted themselves and made it even tougher. I say this because today at the Health care Summit, they refused to | Read More »

    Your Family Budget, and Why Obama’s Spending Freeze is Perhaps Even Less Than What it Seems

    In his State of the Union address last night, President Obama proposed a 3 year freeze on federal discretionary spending, as a means of starting to reduce the federal deficit. Pundits from all over the political spectrum had comments on the efficacy of such a proposal, most of them completing their thoughts by saying something to the effect of, “$250 billion in savings over ten | Read More »

    The Tea Party Movement and the Election of Scott Brown

    The election of Scott Brown was remarkable in many ways, but one of the most important was in a way little discussed in political circles. It was just this: The election of Scott Brown caused all the pundits and about half the politicians to formulate and express an opinion as to why it happened. In this way, we got a wide view into the national | Read More »


    Pray for President Obama

    Let us all pray for the President, with particular reference to Psalm 109:8