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Conservative Republican, common sense consensus builder. Utah Architect. Promotes Renewable Energy, Energy Ideas, and Political Candidates.


    Comparing Immigration to a movie theater

    Do you remember when you had to wait in line to buy tickets to a movie, and then wait in line before going in? That was before you could order them at home, and know then where your seat was and what time to show up to the theater. If you showed up at the theater and the show was full, you could buy a | Read More »

    Health Care – What we really need

    Replace the current Obamacare. It will likely and should be declared unconstitutional. Allow private health care insurance companies and providers to have policies/plans that cross state lines with the following rules: 1. A Limitation of Liability can be set for errors and omissions provided it is at least $250,000 per case and $500,000 per year. All medical disputes between provider/insurer and/or insured shall be submitted | Read More »

    Renewable Natural Gas

    According to Wikipedia “Renewable natural gas, also known as sustainable natural gas, is a biogas which has been upgraded to a quality similar to fossil natural gas. A biogas is a gas methane obtained from biomass. By upgrading the quality to that of natural gas, it becomes possible to distribute the gas to customers via the existing gas grid, and burned within existing appliances.” With | Read More »