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    Mandatory Voting? No, Mr. Obama, not for the Free People of these United States

    Is there no end to what this man will try?  Voting is one of the privileges of living in a representative republic and as much as I look down my nose at people who exercise their right to not vote, I will defend that right to the bitter end.  I can hear him now pitching this as a positive loss of liberty.  After all, no | Read More »

    Obama: “If I Were An Adviser To ISIS…”

    In a New York Times article from September 13, 2014, when asked about the beheading of the two Americans and now the man from England, our president had this to say. “If he had been “an adviser to ISIS,” Mr. Obama added, he would not have killed the hostages but released them and pinned notes on their chests saying, “Stay out of here; this is | Read More »

    Common Core Takes Revenge on Oklahoma

    Today, Oklahoma had the No Child Left Behind waiver revoked because our governor grew a pair and signed legislation to dump common core, in no small part due to the strong voices of the public. As well, she’s up for reelection in November and I’m sure that played a part in her decision. Now, thanks to the revenge takers, nearly every public school is on | Read More »

    Stop the Ebola Scare Mongering

    Here’s a headline from Breitbart that has probably sent some people into full blown panic while  making others very uncomfortable, at least until they read the article. “REPORT: 6 Tested in NYC Tested for Ebola; News Withheld from Public”    (yep, very poorly written headline having used “tested” twice) Here’s another – Ebola Scare Grips Britain After Woman  Dies Arriving on Gambia Flight As for | Read More »

    Barack Obama Is Like A Serial Arsonist

    I’ve been thinking a lot about this poseur in the White House, all of his many crises and it dawned on me that he is like a serial arsonist. He’s not particular about the size of the fire he starts, as long as it burns a sufficient amount of time to distract the populace and send the “opposition party” running in the planned direction to try and | Read More »

    TW Shannon and James Lankford Debate

    Edit: For anyone who is interested, I’ve pasted the links to the debate from last night (06/18/2014) between TW and Lankford. I do not know why it is in 4 parts. I tried to embed the video, but it did not work for me. Sorry about that. In the interest of full disclosure, I am voting for TW Shannon. James Lankford has been a huge | Read More »

    Governor Perry has ordered Border Surge!

    Governor Rick Perry has ordered  funding for a border surge to bring safety to the citizens of the Great State of Texas. This is from AG Abbott’s official website. Attorney General Abbott Strongly Supports Immediate Deployment of State Resources to Target Influx of Illegal Border Crossings Gov. Perry, Lt. Governor Dewhurst, Speaker Straus approve immediate funds to assist in securing the Texas-Mexico border AUSTIN — Texas | Read More »

    This is the Real War On Women – Waged By White Progressive Women Against Women of Color

    What is the common denominator in the photos below? It occurred to me, after reading Breeann’s diary and then Aaron’s on the slimy legislation being pushed in Denver, that when a picture formed in my mind of every pro-abort rally I had ever seen on television or online, the crowd seemed decidedly “pale”.  I did a Google image search for “pro choice rally”. These pictures | Read More »

    New Oklahoma Bill Would Require Daily Pledge of Allegiance in Elementary Schools

    Republican State Senator Rob Standridge of Norman has introduced a bill for consideration in 2014 that would require the daily recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance in all elementary schools in Oklahoma, as well as every school own and display the US flag. I am old enough to remember saying the Pledge every day from the time I was in either kindergarten or first grade | Read More »

    Dear Republican Candidate:

    I don’t know who you are or what office you are running for. I don’t know if you are male or female or which part of the country you hail from. There are a few things I do know, however, and you would be wise to take heed. You must be courageous and brave. You must not cower in the face of criticism or outright | Read More »