Give yourself a time out and come play Staff the Romney Administration

Have a headache? Are your eyes and ears going to start bleeding if you read or hear about one more stupid, inept action by the most corrupt presidency in our beloved nation’s history? Take a little break and help appoint the Romney Administration’s cabinet (do they still call it that?) and staff.

This is my thought. I’ll start the ball rolling  with The Newt. Sometimes you need a clone, but since we don’t allow that (and for good reason) I finally decided where he would be at his best. Now, there are many places Newt would  be an asset to a President Romney, but to me the absolute best position would be as Press Secretary. Can you imagine the press having to meet with The Newt at least once a day, sometimes more? What fun that would be! Would they beg their bosses to give them a demotion so attendance wouldn’t be in their job description any more? Wouldn’t you like to be the fly on the wall as he puts them in their place? It nearly makes me giddy just thinking about it.

Give us your nominations and why you think that person would be an asset – seriously or a little tongue-in-cheek. As our world loses its collective mind before our eyes, take a minute or two’s vacation from the madness.



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