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    Give yourself a time out and come play Staff the Romney Administration

    Have a headache? Are your eyes and ears going to start bleeding if you read or hear about one more stupid, inept action by the most corrupt presidency in our beloved nation’s history? Take a little break and help appoint the Romney Administration’s cabinet (do they still call it that?) and staff. This is my thought. I’ll start the ball rolling  with The Newt. Sometimes | Read More »

    The Smartest Guy in the Room?

    I think not. In fact, I have always believed Obama is just the face of the agenda and others are running the show. I know it’s normal to have ‘advisors’ who shape policy and opinion, but I don’t think Obama himself has any agenda other than to be The President and to appear to be the one who is the Magnificent Brain behind the policy. | Read More »

    Amazon disgusts, angers and disappoints me.

    Mods, I hope you will allow me to post this here as I don’t know of another place to state my anger where it will get the attention of the kind of people that I’m sure will share it. I was searching for a book by James Patterson yesterday on my Kindle. I no longer remember what the title was, only that it spit back | Read More »

    Marriage is not a ‘right’

    Marriage is a privilege, not a right. No one has the ‘right’ to get married. No one has the right to promote the degradation of society either. We’ve tumbled down some slippery slopes in my lifetime and I’d prefer that we stop before we become an entire nation that resembles Hieronymus Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights. When I was in high school in the 1970s, only rarely | Read More »

    Why I’ve decided to not only vote for Romney, but help in every way I can to get him elected.

    When Obama was elected and after we had witnessed the inauguration freak show (reminded me of Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’), I told a friend I had never before been afraid for my country until that moment. I could not, and still can’t, understand how people could be so gullible as to fall for his empty Hope and Change spiel. How could this nobody be elected President of | Read More »

    EE Tweaks McConnell’s Not-So-Funny Bone

    Found this on the Daily Caller. It cracked me up and I had to share it. On the Laura Ingraham show today, Mitch McConnell got his nose put out of joint when she informed him EE had said McConnell is “an appropriator before he’s a Republican.”, to which he replied “That’s entirely inaccurate,” McConnell responded. “I don’t even know who Erick Erickson is, but he has | Read More »

    I’m at a loss for words at how much this makes me feel sick to my stomach

    Really, it’s beyond offensive. That’s all I have to say about this for now. I guess I should edit this and say this flag was flying below the true Stars and Bars at the Democratic Party Headquarters (gee, go figure) in Lake County, Florida. A group of veterans insisted it be taken down or they would do it for them, to which Nancy Hurlbert, Democratic | Read More »

    The Monumental Ego of Mitt Romney

    I find it very interesting, and somewhat pathetic, that the man insists on staying in the race. What does it say about a man, whom most conservatives do not like nor trust, who insists on staying in a race even when he hasn’t shown he can win a clear majority in a primary or a caucus? When you add up all the non-Romney votes, they | Read More »

    Oklahoma’s Personhood bill

    My state has taken a bold move in legislation with Senate Bill 1433, which states life begins at conception. It has passed out of committee 5 – 2 and should be coming up for a vote this week. The author of the bill carefully researched and incorporated what is already constitutionally protected for the unborn from recent Supreme Court decisions and says it is as | Read More »

    It’s dark in here and I can’t get anything clean

    I was at Wally World yesterday and thought I would add to my stash of incandescent light bulbs (I prefer GE Reveal bulbs). All I could find were 100 watt bulbs that I don’t need. I gave a few seconds thought to pitching the Holy Mother of Fits in the middle of the store, but because it’s not WalMart’s fault our government has decided what | Read More »