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    Is America’s Patriotism Fading – by Chelsea Clark

    This was on the LFF blog, linked here, and I thought it was good enough, and appropriate so I thought I would repost it here because I think people should read what it says. It’s written by someone who is young, and in that, carries more weight. Enjoy: There is a fading American Patriotism today and the residual effect is causing detriment to our great | Read More »

    Obama’s Misguided Approach to Deficit Reduction

    Today President Obama announced that he would spend the second half of his term as President “fighting the deficit”. I applaud that mentality. Whether he has decided that the upcoming Republican takeover of the House and possibly the Senate has forced him to reconsider his radical outlook and move to the center, or, as some expect, he is merely paying lip service to the subject | Read More »

    Is there Tolerance in SF for Palin?

    “Just how tolerant is San Francisco’s infamous Castro district? A group bringing Sarah Palin to the Bay Area is about to find out.” That is the first line of an NBC story about the Liberty & Freedom Foundation, who is bringing Sarah Palin to the San Francisco Bay Area next week. The Foundation put up a sign today in the Castro district, right across the | Read More »

    California’s Budgetary Folly

    California today passed its new budget that included, amongst other things, a massive $14 Billion Dollar tax increase. Proponents of the increase justify it by claiming its only a temporary increase (two years) but fail to mention that California voters (who have never met a tax they didn’t love) get to vote to make it permanent next year.   In this budget the state continues | Read More »