A Little Class on Criminal Law

    This diary is based on general principles of criminal law, the sort of principles tested on a bar exam. If someone enters my store and tries to leave without paying


    Why?  Because I oppose abortion but support choice.  I hate abortion.  Loathe it.  I know Roe v. Wade is wrong.  I want Roe v. Wade repealed.  But also understand female

    The November Chill

    We had to stand in formation.  Not everyone had gloves, so no one was permitted to wear gloves.  We stood at attention in the cold air for over two hours. 

    November 22, 1963

    Oswald was convicted in the public mind on Friday, November 22, 1963. Newspaper reports said a sniper killed the President from 100 yards using a high-powered rifle. Other newspaper reports

    Moral Hazard in the Bank Settlement

    Here’s the deal.  Mortgage borrowers who are underwater are divided into two categories. Category 1:  Underwater and delinquent. Category 2:  Underwater, not delinquent. Those in Category 1 get to write

    What Do You Want?

    To back a losing candidate you sorta like? To back a winning candidate you don’t like? To back a losing candidate you don’t like? To back a winning candidate you

    Thoughts as to Tim McVeigh and the OKC Story

    The Government’s Story The basic story is — that McVeigh drove a Ryder truck to the front of the Murrah Federal Building; — that the truck was packed with a

    Explosives and Rocket-Making: 1960 and Today

    Autumn 1960 My 15-year-old friends and I were deeply into rocket-making and explosives. Girls were much more complicated, but very interesting as well. We experimented (with rockets) daily — before,

    Medical Decisions

    When I got back, my mind was screwed up.  For two reasons. I didn’t want anyone to know I was defective and weak. I was afraid and frightened. I had

    Five bucks

    In 1969, here’s what five bucks bought: — 50 packs of Winstons (which I smoked) — 50 gallons of gasoline — a steak dinner with wine at a fancy restaurant