Ted Cruz in Perspective

    In the 1950s, what separated conservatives and liberals was communism.  Conservatives opposed communists and their fellow travelers.  Fellow travelers included civil rights advocates and those who wished the U.S. would warm to non-aligned nations.  Cruz would not have fared well in the 1950s. In the 1960s, what separated conservatives and liberals was communism, race, and war.  Cruz would not have fared well in the 1960s. | Read More »

    What Ted Cruz Must Do to Become President

    My central wish this time around is that Hillary not become president. Some here don’t care whether Hillary beats Trump, because they loathe Trump.  I care. Cruz has two challenges:  getting the nomination, and beating Hillary. Ted, here’s what you must do to get the nomination and to beat Hillary.  You must do two things:  [1] establish that you are independent of the Establishment, and | Read More »

    To Hell with the Presidential Contest — Give Me the NCAAB Tournament

    The year 1978 matters for me.  One reason is the 1978 NCAAB championship game.  Michigan State vs. Indiana State.  Magic Johnson, a 6’8″ guard vs. Larry Bird, a 6’9″ forward.  What a game.  I watched it from a room high in an Atlanta hotel tower. Jimmy Carter was president.  What a downer.  The 1970s had been a big downer.  But now this basketball game.  With | Read More »

    How Will Hillary Attack Trump?

    Assuming Clinton and Trump are the nominees, it’s useful to consider how Clinton will attack Trump along issue fault lines. Abortion:  Clinton has no advantage here with pro-aborts.  Trump’s position on abortion is somewhat like Reagan’s:  the Supreme Court has said it’s legal, so although I oppose it, my thinking on the matter doesn’t matter. Taxes:  Both favor higher taxes on the highest income earners. | Read More »

    I Have Struggled to Understand Redstate

    I have struggled to understand Redstate’s purpose. In years past, the mantra was conservative in the primary, Republican in the general.  I bought into that and voted for Romney. I understood that. This year, the mantra in the primary season is anyone but [name will not be mentioned]. If Cruz wins the nomination fair and square, Redstate prevails.  And I vote R. What about you? | Read More »

    President Trump

    I don’t know what the Las Vegas line is on Trump.  My own line is [a] 51-49 Trump gets the R-nomination, [b] 53-47 Trump beats Hillary in the General.  I could be out to lunch; just my gut on primaries to-date. Trump is loathed here, I’ve observed.  The only two presidents during the last 50 years I have embraced were Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. | Read More »

    Will You Vote for Someone About You Feel Hesitant?

    The Democratic nominee is going to be Hilary. The Republican candidate is going to be Jeb. Will you vote for Jeb? At this point, has won points in the left-wing press.  That means squat to Republican insiders. At this point, has won points here.  That means squat to Republican insiders. It’s going to be Hilary vs. Jeb.  Flush me down the toilet if I’m wrong. | Read More »

    A Little Class on Criminal Law

    This diary is based on general principles of criminal law, the sort of principles tested on a bar exam. If someone enters my store and tries to leave without paying for a store item, I have no right to shoot him. If someone enters my store, roughs me up, and takes from the store a store item without paying for it, I have no right | Read More »


    Why?  Because I oppose abortion but support choice.  I hate abortion.  Loathe it.  I know Roe v. Wade is wrong.  I want Roe v. Wade repealed.  But also understand female voters who would vote R but vote D because of abortion.  That’s reality, not purity. I care about the environment.  But I also believe like Locke and Hume in free markets.  There needs to be | Read More »

    The November Chill

    We had to stand in formation.  Not everyone had gloves, so no one was permitted to wear gloves.  We stood at attention in the cold air for over two hours.  I didn’t complain.  It was Monday.  November 25, 1963.  The University of Illinois required all freshman males to take ROTC. Mandatory ROTC for a year was good.  I re-entered ROTC my senior year; got commissioned | Read More »