Very effective Israeli Pro-Zionist Satire

    Caroline Glick has established “LatmaTV“,  a satirical group whose purpose is to establish the righteousness of Israel and the moral illegitmaticy of the Anti-Israel/Anti-Zionist movement. Here are some videos  (in some of these the English subtitles have to be turned on by using the flash viewer’s controls in the bottom right and corner and turn on CC) Interview with “Richard Goldstone” (of UN “Human Rights” | Read More »


    Health Care: My letter (rant) to Congressman

    My Congressman (D-Chicago) is useless.. so I stopped being respectful in my communications to him years ago.. so those of you who will feel compelled to give me a civics lesson.. I normally would agree with you, so need for you to do so. This is what I wrote; All I have to say is this Congress makes me sick. I dont know anyone out | Read More »

    From Israel: Rahm Emanuel – The Musical

    From Caroline Glick’s LatmaTV

    Establish Federal Judicial Review Supreme Court

    I propose a Constitutional Amendment to Establish Federal Judicial Review Supreme Court. Rescind Cases and actual Controversy prerequisite Justices must conform to Founding Father’s intention in Constitutional definitions Justices must agree that the enumerated powers in Article I limit the powers of Congress to address any general clauses (ie: General Welfare clause is restrained by enumerated powers, not in addition to them) Justices can use | Read More »

    Proof of Fifth Column in White House

    This video of Van Jones by Naked Empeorer news is DEVASTATION In it Jones is saying how the whole facade of this “Green Jobs” nonsense is a pretext… a step .. towards the Communist (my word) take over of America This is serious.

    Czars – Direct Violation of Constitution

    It seems pretty clear to me that the Constitutions grants the President NO POWER to create the positions for persons of high authority in the Executive Branch unless such offices are established by the Constitution or by Law. Impeach him now. Article II Section 2 – Civilian Power over Military, Cabinet, Pardon Power, Appointments The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and | Read More »

    Much Needed Government Reforms – Ideas?

    Lets say the 2010 elections are a rout, and the Dems lose their majority big time… replaced by libertarian-leaning Constitutional-minded somebodies. What should Congress do to begin the process of revitalizing American civic culture? Here’s my list in order of priority: Reinstate Bush tax cuts, cancel any tax hikes Cancel any undisbursed Stimilus funds, with clawback requirements for money dispensed in last 6 months If | Read More »