Where is Bill Foster?

    As we sit and wonder just exactly what our Congress is up, it is time we step up to accept part of the blame for the dysfunction that pervades our government.  In the past year we have suffered through a government shutdown, repeated budget standoffs, the start of the implementation of Obamacare, numerous foreign policy disasters, and countless amounts of tax dollars wasted. While our | Read More »

    Will Unions Cut Off Kirk Dillard in the Illinois General?

    The primary election is right around the corner and once again organized labor is trying to buy and election in Illinois.  This time however it is a Republican they are looking to purchase. With ever increasing contributions to “Republican” Kirk Dillard it is clear that labor is deathly afraid of Bruce Rauner or Bill Brady winning and think their best chance to defeat them is | Read More »

    Illinois Republican Senate Primary Battle

    The race to dethrone Dick Durbin pits a fresh face and a very old one.  Doug Truax vs Jim Oberweis will, in my opinion, be the second most intriguing race in the Republican primary this year after the Governor’s race. Doug is a healthcare professional who has a solid grasp of the issues that are important in a federal election.  Doug was recently endorsed by | Read More »

    Illinois Republican Bert Miller: The Democrat Choice for Congress

    The 11th Congressional District in Illinois seems to be a great mystery of politics.  Bill Foster handily beat Judy Biggert last year, but he appears extremely vulnerable with 5 4 Republicans vying to take him on in the fall election.  Mr. Foster is mostly known for his ability to bore crowds and his lack of involvement in the district. While there is actually 5 people | Read More »

    Illinois Republicans Need More Jeanne Ives, the Teacher’s Union Wants Less

    In Wheaton Illinois a fight for the very soul of conservative Republican politics is taking place.  A battle between conservatives and the far-left is brewing in, of all places, a Republican primary. The current State Representative, Jeanne Ives, is the ultimate no nonsense politician.  She is brash, she speaks her mind, and most of all she is a true conservative.  And that is what scares | Read More »

    Time for Illinois Conservatives to Rally Behind Bill Brady

    With the primary less than one month away it is time for conservatives to rally behind Bill Brady for Illinois’ next Governor.

    Read More »

    Illinois is Frozen Over, How Do I Get Yard Signs Up?

    Here in Illinois it just gets colder and colder.  Meaning the ground is still frozen.  And frozen ground leads to a real lack of yard sign placement.  While my favorite candidate signs are stuck in the garage I thought maybe I could find a way on the internet to put up signs in sub arctic temperatures.  What I did find was this amusing video from | Read More »