Bubba speaks on gun rights in Greensboro, NC

    August 14th in Greensboro, NC we had a “Restore the Constitution” rally. Specifically aimed at the Second Amendment, which (in our opinion) is the most important because it protects the rest of the constitution. The follow is a speech from our friend Bubba of Please take a moment to listen and pass it along.  Part I: Part II:   and his blog link:

    Oil or Immigration?

    I turned on the radio today at a moment that caught me off guard. The big ‘O’ was giving his press conference and I caught him mid answer. (from the transcript) “The challenge we have is that we have not seen a leak like this before. And so people are going to be frustrated until it stops, and I understand that. And if you’re living | Read More »

    In Raleigh, NC Flag Poles are Illegal

    Tomorrow at the Tax Day Tea Party 2010, participants may be surprised to know that “Flagpoles” are now banned within the State Capitol Grounds (well only if they are wood, metal or plastic). Our authorites have also banned color guard unless there is a special amendment granted for the permit (oh thank you so much Raleigh, you’re so caring and giving) Now I keep a close | Read More »

    R. Lee Ermey to Lobby Congress – Support the Marines

    Something of importance to me and many other friends and family of the Marine Corps will be taking place tomorrow. Even though it will be largely overshadowed by the President’s grandstanding, Gunny R. Lee Ermey is trying to push legislation that will recognize the many Marines that die while serving our country. Currently if a Marine falls in battle, the family will receive a letter from the | Read More »

    NC04 Frank Roche needs your help!

    Red State friends: I know that we’ll be seeing a lot of these in the coming year and I’m not too proud to get on the bandwagon early. Our District is in dire need of conservative representation. David Price (D), an extreme liberal, has been in office since the 80’s, losing it once during the ’94 smack down. We believe he will loose it for good this | Read More »

    Allen West: Define the Enemy: What it takes to win in Afghanistan

    I saw this a while back, but it makes more sense now than ever. If any Congressman are reading this, please pass this video along to Obama. He sounds a little confused these days.

    Why Reid Will Let States Opt-Out

    Seems that George Will and Arizonans know the answer. In 2008 Arizonans voted to amend the state’s constitution protecting them from a Fed takover. Here’s George Will’s Op-Ed piece in the Washington Post Could it be that Harry Reid is forced to allow an opt-out to secure Blanche Lincoln’s vote?

    NC-4 2010 – Frank Roche face off with the liberal nut job David Price.

    We need your assistance in this race. Let me introduce David Price first; First elected in 1987, voted Cap-and-Trade, Healthcare, Stimulus, Federally funded abortions, seemingly hates the military, 91% liberal rating from the National Journal (sounds low to me), on three Appropriation sub-committees … and so on. All around bad guy that loves to spend your money. In the last election he won 62% in | Read More »

    Will you go to jail?

    It’s hard to believe that our government would propose a bill mandating anything. It’s even harder to believe that we’re not storming the White House with pitch forks. No one wants to be the first, but I’ll join if you start it …. H.R. 3962, as amended could land people in jail. The typical single person will pay somewhere between 2.5% and 8% of your | Read More »

    Rush is Right

    With a crimminal trial now being conducted in NY for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and 4 others, Rush commented that this is not a trial for the terrorist but instead a trial on America. Remember that Mohammed has already tried to plea guilty and that some evidence can’t be used. Also keep in mind that this is an opportunity for these terrorist to stand on a soap box | Read More »