Bill is a graduate of Virginia Military Institute and a former U.S. Marine. Bill worked with various Fortune 500 companies in mid-level and senior management. Bill has a Master's Degree in Military History from Norwich University and is a PhD Candidate in U.S. Foreign Policy at Old Dominion University.


    Red Tape: An American Institution

    A streamlined 21st century process would not only benefit the newly naturalized citizens, but also the American taxpayer. The U.S. government’s obsession with paper is horrifying. Even more astounding is the amount Americans pay for government workers to shuffle this paper around. Furthermore, the money wasted on immigration courts is ridiculous.

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    Immigration I worked in the private sector for close to twenty years. Along the way I was responsible for the hiring and, unfortunately, the firing of many folks. Hiring someone took 1-7 days. It all depended on the state they came from or worked in. Back then, some localities didn’t have their records available online. I’m sure you are wondering what the point is. The | Read More »



    In researching healthcare costs, I had a conversation which was very eye-opening. There has been allot of media and print about the cost of healthcare in the last 3-4 years. Obamacare has contributed to the rash of information, facts and figures thrown at us. I decided to make a phone call and find out how much a common, generic “check-up” would cost. The adventure was | Read More »

    My Mom & Ebola

    The reaction to the Ebola cases (which the administration partially caused) is abject comedy. Think of yourself as a parent…..

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    Ebola, Obama and Honesty

    Politicians of every ilk are approaching the situation with trepidation. While there is an understandable urge for compassion, yet one cannot deny the lethality of the notion of an outbreak of this disease in an American city. Nothing I write or wrote can explain why this President or this Administration feels that now is the time to make Africa a top priority. Millions of people die in Africa every year from hunger, a lack of water, bad sanitation and other diseases like cholera.

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    Capitalism bad?

    Neither capitalism nor corporations are bad. Many use aspirational rhetoric and theories to find a way to justify that some people simple don’t work harder, are as smart or as willing to do things for jobs and opportunities as others. It is important to note that both liberals and unions have their money invested in the same said villainous companies. (Do you think Al Gore and Hillary | Read More »

    Why not to attack Syria….

    Seemingly the only person that wants to is Barack Obama. Why? Who knows? There are rumors about going “off teleprompter”, but who cares. We are going to kill thousands of people because one person made a mistake and decided to say something unplanned?  FYI: this isn’t American credibility at stake. It’s HIS. That’s his concern. Not giving authorization if you don’t believe in it means | Read More »

    The Ethics of Unmanned Warfare and the Truman Conundrum

    The first instance of weapons of the computer age for many was the grainy nosecone pictures produced by American smart bombs striking Iraqi targets in 1991. The images left many amazed and asking the question, “do we [mankind] really have the technology to do that?” Lurch forward another ten years to the use of drone aircraft in the Afghan War. The euphoria is over. The | Read More »

    U.S. Military Strategy and Understanding Terrorism and Insurgency

    There is a fundamental problem with American foreign and military policy concerning terrorism. American military strategists and policymakers fail to acknowledge the true strategic and tactical nature of terrorist groups and insurgencies. Many in the upper echelons of the U.S. government attempted to address the insurgency in Iraq and al Qaeda as if they were conventional forces. This resulted in abysmal returns. The last two | Read More »

    The Next American Crusade: The U.S. Military Campaign in Africa

    Despite upcoming deep cuts to the Pentagon’s budget, the United States has embarked on a military campaign in Africa. Confidential sources inside AFRICOM (the United States military’s Africa Command) spoke of a large increase of materials and manpower making its way to Africa in early 2011.  The past year saw a very quiet and concerted effort on the part of the administration to continue the | Read More »