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    Arizona Republican Conservatives Unite, Flay Rino McCain

    “Anybody But McCain” Resolution Passed By Organized “Party” Conservatives What are “Party Conservatives?”  Conservatives who are actually voting members of our Republican Party.  Here’s a concrete example of what conservatives, actively engaged “inside” our Party at the precinct level, can achieve when they unite and organize. The “neighborhood committee precinct project”, an effort led by “Cold Warrior” to encourage conservative Republicans to become actual “precinct voters” | Read More »

    Lamar Alexander Plummeting in Poll

    New polling data released today shows Lamar Alexander losing ground in Volunteer state wide polling. Ken Buck, director of the MTSU (Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro) poll , said that Alexander’s approval  level has dropped from 54% approval down to 43% among all voters.  The trend was worse among independent voters, plunging 22 points to a 36% approval , down from 58%. Republicans were 29% | Read More »

    Racism Ended : Washington Redskins change name

    Thank Goodness. After all of the past history of VIOLENCE, HOSTILITY, NAME CALLING, and HISTORY of ABUSE….  The Washington Redskins…..(thank you Mr Krauthammer, and Our Beloved President ! ) … have today agreed to change the name, pending NFL league approval as per Pres Obama’s executive request/order. They will now be named the “Redskins”.

    John King-CNN- unleashes 2nd wife on NEWT

    John King, CNN, and currently married to his second wife, fellow CNN reporterette Dana Bash, has unleashed her today in vituperative comments directed toward Newt Gingrich. King and his second wife, no doubt upset and feeling betrayed by his own inept CNN staff’s incompetence, filed a story under Dana Bash’s byline today, expressing DEEP, DEVOUT concerns about Newt Gingrich. Titled “GOP ANGST: Gingrich’s rise could | Read More »

    Rep. Marsha Blackburn Tn invites Gibson Guitar CEO to Obama speech

    How many additional members of congress will invite a Gibson EMPLOYEE to attend the speech as their guest ? The entire building should be filled with Gibson employees, each a guest of every Republican member of congress. These people stand to lose their jobs as a direct result of the actions of the Obama job killing machine. I contacted Tennessee’s two Senators over a week | Read More »

    Knoxville Tn Precinct Committee Elections

    Precinct Elections took place last night in Knox County. Conservatives and Tea Party volunteers took many of the open slots. Around the first of this year we became aware of the precinct project through the diaries published here on Redstate. I contacted a recent candidate (defeated  in 3rd Cong. District), Attorney Randy Irons. Mr Irons campaign signs sported a tea pot. I thought he might know a | Read More »