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    MN-Gov Headed Towards Automatic Recount

    Before I talk in more detail about the potential for a recount, I want to give a quick update on the currect tally. The Minnesota Secretary of State’s website states that all 4136 of the state’s precincts have reported. Having said that, the current count indicates the possibility of a recount: Candidate Votes Percent % Mark Dayton (D) 919,234 43.63 Tom Emmer (R) 910,380 43.21 | Read More »

    NJ-Gov: Is Corzine Winning?

    Corzine (D) has apparently retaken the lead in the only new poll released in the last week; the poll is of questionable origins however: Race Pollster EndDate Dem Rep Other 2009 New Jersey Governor Neighborhood Research (R) 8/21/2009 37 35 28 I found the associated polling report at along with the relevant description excerpted below. I’ve admitted the likely voter result into our database, | Read More »


    Amy Klobuchar’s Tele-Townhall

    Minnesota Senator, Amy Klobuchar (D) was supposed to have a tele-townhall today, at 7 PM according to her website: U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar will be hosting a live statewide tele-town hall meeting to discuss making health care more affordable and answer questions from her constituents. Joining her will be Dr. Denis Cortese, CEO of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester and Mary Wakefield, the highest ranking | Read More »

    NJ, VA-Gov: Poll Update (8/18)

    After three rough weeks of polling for Jon Corzine (D), the tide may be shifting if this week’s polls are to be trusted. Creigh Deeds (D) of Virginia however, still appears to be stuck in the sand: Race Pollster EndDate Dem Rep Other 2009 New Jersey Governor Democracy Corps (D) 8/12/2009 35 40 25 2009 New Jersey Governor Quinnipiac University 8/9/2009 40 46 14 2009 | Read More »

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    Poll Update (7/27): Governor Preview

    The odd year election cycle of 2009 is fast approaching with two gubernatorial races entering the national scene. New Jersey and Virginia will steal the ’09 spotlight, but several large cities will conduct mayoral elections and at least one House Seat will be up for grabs. The depth of public polling is however limited to the two Gubernatorial elections for the moment, and I don’t | Read More »

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    MN-Sen: The Universe of Reconsideration

    I realized that my previous article regarding the Election Contest Court’s Tuesday rulings may have been vague, as well as incomplete. I want to take this opportunity to clarify those rulings with respect to previous and future events. To begin I’d like to restate the pertinent information from Tuesday’s rulings: The above-entitled matter came before the Court upon a Motion in Limine by Contestee Al | Read More »

    Inauguration Crowd Count

    Barack Obama became the 44th President of the United States last Tuesday, January 20th at precisely 12:00 PM ET. Many converged on the National Mall for this historic occasion, but exactly how many made this historic trek? Thanks to satellite imagery, provided by GeoEye, an accurate estimate of attendance, or at least area, can be ascertained. I downloaded the high-resolution satellite image and traced the | Read More »

    MN-Sen: Coleman Files Additional Counting Errors

    Four interesting, yet separate filings were issued today regarding the Minnesota Senate Election Contest. I will first cover the Coleman campaign’s reaffirmation of their intent to focus on potential voting anomalies: TO: The Honorable Judges of the above-named Court, Al Franken, Contestee. 1. As stated in Contestants’ Notice of Contest dated January 6, 2009, Contestant Cullen Sheehan believes and states that Contestants cannot properly prepare | Read More »

    MN-Sen: Double Counting Likely Occured

    The Coleman campaign has long contended that ballots were counted twice in certain precincts due to clerical errors. Within their election contest they explicitly address this issue, and for the first time reveal which precincts meet their double counting criteria. The Coleman campaign also addresses a few other issues pertaining to appearing ballots and other errors. The contents of this article will focus entirely upon | Read More »