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    Interesting Question

    *Liberalism is a broad class of political philosophies that consider individual liberty to be the most important political goal.[1] Liberalism emphasizes individual rights and equality of opportunity. Within liberalism there are various streams of thought which compete over the use of the term “liberal” and may propose very different policies, but they are generally united by their support for a number of principles, including freedom | Read More »

    Open Thread:On This Thanksgiving Day

    On this day families across America will gather to give thanks for the good health and safe keeping they enjoy throughout their daily lives. But on this day it is equally important that we not forget those, far away in a land very different than ours, their struggle for freedom and a chance at greatness. That we remember the blessed bounty endowed by our creator | Read More »

    Cure For the Common Market

    Since the dawn of the modern era we were told and taught as children to save the few pieces of loose change given to us by our parents when we go to the store with them. We were told and taught to value the dollar and to never get ahead of ourselves or lose sight in what we need as oppose to what we want. | Read More »


    Open Letter(To Opposer Of Prop 8)

    When the decision came down from the people on whether to ban gay marriage I was both proud of the decision to stand up for traditional values amid the growing call for progressive europeanization of America and also disturbed by the rabid behavior within the homosexual community. As an African American speaking I’m not surprised by the overwhelming support from the black community in regards | Read More »

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    Yes I Will

    I’m going to do something I’ve never really done before. I’m going to stand up for conservatism. I’m going to stand up against the apologists like Kathleen Parker and David Brooks who gravel at the feet of the liberal media. The ones who in every waking breath apologized for conservative values. David Brooks who all but endorsed Barack Obama. Making every ploy as to why | Read More »

    Credit To Obama

    He led the citizens of Hope, Arkansas, then he made his way into the White House for eight years, now he’s back and he’s taking the country with him. Now your first guest my be Bill Clinton right? But no, surprisingly the Clinton administration is being ushered back in by Barack Obama. Yes folks that’s right, a third term of not George Bush, but Bill | Read More »

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    Care For A Laugh?

    I was at the Dailykos today reading a blog about the outrage from the left over Joe Lieberman. The lefty red headed stepchildren are pissed off and railing against, way for it, way for it, their prodigal son Barack Obama. They’re saying thins like, “I voted for change, I didn’t vote for this” it’s so funny to see them squirm and throw temper tantrums like | Read More »

    From A Moderate To A Reasonable Thinker

    There’s been some negative reactions coming from the Obama camp as well as some of his most ardent supporters. They’re not so keen to the idea of Hillary Clinton being Secretary of State. In fact they’re not so keen to the idea of Rahm Emanuel as Chief of Staff, Obama meeting with John McCain, or the prospects of Robert Gates staying on as Defense Secretary. | Read More »

    Change We Can Believe In?

    Yes We Can, Yes We Can. Change You Can Believe In! Well, not quite but okay if you really believed that sort of stuff then it’s fine. It seems President elect Barack Obama is about to add another Clintonista to his arsenal. This time it’s Senator Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State. I don’t know about you but this is starting to reassure me about | Read More »

    Dark Clouds Ahead

    British Prime Minister Gordon Brown called it cross border governance, French president Nicholas Sarkozy sent a stern demand for serious talks of increased regulations within the global financial sphere. He also demanded several meetings of the G8 and G20 nations tomorrow as well as the future. No this isn’t tea time with France and Great Britain, this is something far worse and apparently something thought | Read More »

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