Benton County, WA GOP

    Anyone else reside in Benton County, WA? I received this on email this morning, encouraging Precinct Committeemen to get involved and run for the position.  This all seems to fit with the kind of grassroots activity that ColdWarrior, et al have advocated.   Hopefully we can get more conservatives involved in the process in our great state! THE DUTIES OF A PCO So now for | Read More »

    J O B S: What’s that spell? Victory in 2012

    “The left would love for the Tea Party to get distracted, start talking about immigration, abortion, gay marriage, all this other stuff, because right now the chief vulnerability faced by Obama and the Democrats is the economy.  Jobs, stimulus spending, federal regulations, those are the three things that are killing this country.  Those are the three things that every Republican needs to focus on.” – | Read More »

    An Open Letter to the Perry Campaign

    Jobs, Jobs, Jobs In the wake of a 5th place Iowa finish, the Perry campaign seemed to be teetering in the brink of irrelevancy.   He finished lower than a senator who lost his last election by a staggering margin and a sitting congressman who many consider to be a loon.  Today marks a major reality check for Rick Perry and his campaign staff. But all | Read More »

    The Day after Iowa

    Last night I thought the world was coming to an end.  Today, I’ve walked myself back from the cliff, taken a deep breath, and decided to take a fresh look at the GOP primary. Since things are always changing in politics, here’s where I see the race standing as of today.  I’ll give each candidate’s qualifications for office, detractions, and some general comments.  My comments | Read More »